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Do you wish to purchase lowest pricing and high quality meds online, well one has to then try pharmacies from Canada. Canadian online pharmacies have come into existence soon after the advent of e-commerce. Coinciding with the increasing difficulty to get prescription medications due to demand as well as high cost, reputable online drugstores have started gaining rapid popularity. But with the kind of potential existing in the medical world many counterfeit drug portals have come to existence as well. Authentic online pharmacies however, have strict security and quality standards and their authenticity is backed by the FDA. Although the advantages of getting Canadian prescription drugs prescribed are indubitable, it is the security factor that most people find appealing about these drugstores. So what are the other reasons that make people choose online Canadian pharmacies for their health care needs, the first thing you need to know is that they are best in market in terms of pricing, quality medication. You name it? And the chances are that you will find your concern best to be addressed with them.

Best Rated Canadian Online Pharmacies

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Vast assortment of medications

Canada online pharmacies sell a wide variety of medications falling in the category of prescription as well as over-the-counter medication. With the ability to treat multiple medical conditions these medicines can be used by anyone with proper guidance. The online doctors prescribe medications to treat skin diseases, viral infections, eye problems, diabetes, obesity, anxiety, depression and stomach ulcers.

  • Availability of Prescription Drugs- Brand and Generic: These stores have carved a niche in selling some of the highly popular prescription drugs across a host of medical categories. To offer customers an option to choose the drug in their desired formulation, both the brand and generic variants of popular drugs are listed in these online drug stores. We at exlpharmacy.com provide a comprehensive medicine resource guide that encompasses the most vital information pertaining to the drugs which you may wish to buy.

Unbeatable Prices

Generic Pharmacies online sell meds at very attractive prices which are at certain time periods more than 10 times lower than local stores. They sell prescription drugs in different formulation and versions. Any customer can benefit from the exclusive offers existing in their online drug portal, especially the ones who need to rely on medications on a regular basis. Irrespective of the drugs, the prices are usually completely affordable. For example one may get a brand Viagra 100 mg from local store for about $32/- per pill, however on these sites to one’s surprise they may find the prices of generic Viagra at 8x times cheaper the cost. Even drugs indicated for treating the most complicated medical conditions are sold at an affordable price, which is way lesser than USA pharmacies and of course without any compromise on the quality.

Reliable information on the medication

These drugstores provide complete, reliable and accurate description of the medicine from the condition it treats to its side effects. Their expert online doctors usually provide the patients with online prescription upon purchase of the medicines. They want the customers to know completely about a medicine and make an informed decision on whether or not they want to purchase a particular medicine.


Most online pharmacies of Canada origin are verified pharmacies and hence they are very secure. The user privacy is their utmost priority. In addition, the payments are also processed through a secured gateway.

Quality medications

At their online drugstores, special attention is paid to the quality of the meds. This is perhaps the reason why they have a huge returning customer base. Their demand in the market place for more than 10 years just proves how efficient they are as an online pharmacy.

  • FDA approved medicines: These pharmacies provide online prescriptions only for FDA approved drugs. With the core objective of ensuring wellness to humanity through medical means, Exlpharmacy strongly endeavors in providing online pharmacy reviews only for those which sell medicines/health products that are duly approved by FDA. Our guiding principle restrains us from listing pharmacy reviews that aren’t approved by FDA in our online pharmacy portal.

Effortless website navigation

Their pharmacy stores online are made with an easy user interface that is less confusing and convenient even for novices among online medication purchasers. The medicines are laid out according to a particular category so you can easily find what you are looking for.

Great customer support team

Backed by an excellent customer support team working in co-operation with their online doctors, they provide great support to customers during any stage of online drug purchase. They operate round-the-clock and can be contacted for any comprehensive solutions to any of your problems including the desire to know about working mechanism of any prescription drug or its side effects. Before purchasing your meds we recommend that you check for online reviews of the pharmacies.

Fast and efficient shipping

There are a wide variety of shipping modes available in their online drugstores, with the advent of transportation facilities. This includes regular airmail and express shipping. Canadian online pharmacies have ties with various courier services so they can process and ship the order in the minimal amount of time without any damages.

Variety of payment methods

Let it be Visa or master card that you have or echecks, the payment methods offered by these reputed pharmacies online are also wide. They accept major credit cards and online bank transfer. The payment can be processed in a fast manner without any processing lag.

Trustworthy online pharmacies

Canadian drugstores are the most reliable online pharmacies of the present era and customer service is their greatest virtue. They are a perfect combination of security, quality drugs, cheap pricing on medication and convenience. Their excellence in selling cheap prescription medication has helped many in getting high ratings in Canadian pharmacy reviews.

  • Legitimacy: These pharmacies usually operate in a legitimate manner and usually list out all their customer-centric policies upfront in a transparent way. Right from selling medicines to sourcing personally identifiable information from customers for processing the order. However utilizing these online drug store portals for your purchases must be done at your discretion. We provide information and reviews on medicines and these pharmacies for the sole purpose of helping one out with their medication needs.

Customer Loyalty Schemes

The pharmacies many a times have customer loyalty programs which reward every customer with the most attractive loyalty scheme to acknowledge the patronage and support rendered. Offers/Discounts are in the form of bonus pills. Every single purchase is rewarded with a bonus point, which upon accumulation can be redeemed during the subsequent purchases in the form of bonus pills. Many a times these discounts might range to upto 50% extra bonus pills or 30% slashed prices.