5 differences that make Phentermine a better weight loss pill compared to Bontril


Phentermine is a wonderful weight loss medicine. People take this drug regularly in order to shed their excess body weight and also to burn the fat. This medicine is a stimulant and it works similar to an amphetamine. A majority of doctors regard this drug to be a best appetite suppressant pill. Phentermine is known to work in the body by affecting the central nervous system. There are a number of medications available that can effectively attend to the weight loss issues, yet Tramadol stood to be the most sought after. It is no doubt confusing to select one dietary supplement when there are so many products out there. One such weight loss pill equivalent to Phentermine is Bontril. Yet, there are certain facts that put Phentermine in the first place when compared to Bontril and the same have been discussed in this blog.

  1. Phentermine Vs Bontril – course of therapy

Both of these medications act as effective appetite suppressants and they produce almost the same effect. It is a surprising fact though, but in a lot of ways Phentermine marches ahead of the race when compared to Bontril. They have the additional fat burning capabilities and work as excellent metabolism boosters. As they work in the brain to affect the appetite, the patient happens to consume less of calories. These drugs also provide extra stimulating effect. Phentermine is considered to work more efficiently than Bontril and hence it is always the best weight loss pill ever available in the market.

  1. Phentermine is known to have less side effects over Bontril

Side effects are very common among all medications. One of the major side effects of Bontril is its tolerance ability. Because of this, a lot of people easily become addicted to it and thus tolerance becomes this drug’s major side effect. Phentermine results only in mild side effects like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and constipation.

  1. Phentermine is safe from addiction than Bontril

Bontril belongs to schedule III of controlled substances which means that this medicine is easily susceptible to addiction. This medicine is chemically related to the amphetamines. But amphetamines and other similar products are considered illegal as they have been a substance of abuse in the past. The abuse with this medicine is related to intense psychological dependence and also social dysfunctions. There have been reports that some patients have increased their dose than what is recommended. Therefore, Phentermine is considered to be a better weight loss pill over Bontril as the drug is less bound to make a person addicted.

  1. Phentermine is available for cheap

Phentermine can be availed for a low price than any other weight loss medication including the Bontril. It can be availed at a cheap price over the online pharmacies. A lot of internet based drugstores provide this drug at affordable prices so as to let people purchase the med easily and treat their weighty loss issues properly.

  1. Best weight loss product

Phentermine comes in the first place when doctors have to prescribe weight loss medications. The weight loss result this drug has brought is really awesome. It has helped myriad patients to lose their body weight steadily. Phentermine is thought to be the best when compared to Bontril.