A guide to help you buy the right dose of Provigil online


Provigil is highly popular among many buyers as the drug is well-known for its potential in promoting wakefulness and enhancing cognitive functions. The active ingredient Modafinil that is used in Provigil is also available in other brand names like Modalert, Provake, and Modiodal, which really depends on the drug companies of various countries. The drug itself may be used for conditions like narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder, obstructive sleep apnea, and even off-label for ADHD. Provigil can be easily purchased from an online pharmacy, but it is vital to be aware of the proper dosage and buying only the dose that suits your condition best.

Provigil 50 mg

This is the lowest dose of the Modafinil brand and it is used for assessing the patient’s response to the drug. As a Provigil buyer for the first time, you may take the 50 mg dose to see how you respond to the medication and the tolerability, based on which you can decide if you want to increase the dose or not. If it is difficult to find the Provigil 50 mg dose in online drugstores, just order for the 100 mg pills and spilt them during the first usage to see how it works.

Provigil 100 mg

The 100 mg Provigil dose is the one that is prescribed and used for treating narcolepsy. This dosage strength is ideal for keeping you awake throughout the day and prevents you from falling asleep at odd hours. You can easily get this dose in online pharmacies, and you also have many options to buy cheap Provigil 100 mg online.

Provigil 200 mg

This higher dosage strength is usually recommended only for Provigil buyers who have very disruptive sleep patterns. For other users, the Provigil 200 mg dose may be taken if there the efficacy is not as expected with 100 mg or 50 mg doses. The drug may be purchased online for a very low price and it is the ideal dosage strength for many buyers.

Provigil 400 mg

This high dose of Provigil is considered to be well-tolerated among many users. Although the strength is high the efficacy is similar to that of the 200 mg dose, which is why it is better to buy the 200 mg Provigil pills and avoid any potential side effects.

Optimal Provigil dosage

The maximum recommended dosage of Provigil in a day is 400 mg. Exceeding this limit only raises the risk of side effects and also the potential for overdose. When you buy the Provigil pills online for whatever intended purposes, ensure that you take only the appropriate dose with the correct dosage instructions for safe use. Use only a reliable online pharmacy that can help you get the wakefulness-promoting drug for cheap without compromising on quality. Take the Provigil dose only as required, preferably at the same time every day for best effectiveness. By following this Provigil dose buying guide you can order the drug online and use it as effectively as required for your condition.