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Exlpharmacy.com is an online health resource portal as well as prescription meds review and pharmacy review site that is exclusively committed to providing accurate and up-to-date information on various prescription and over-the-counter medication be it brand or generic. This information pertains to complete description of the drugs from its mechanism of action to its side effects and drug interactions. We constantly strive to be a one-stop solution for those who wish to seek information to empower themselves to effectively manage their health. The information provided by the renowned experts of exlpharmacy.com is sourced from noble and credible resources like the FDA. Although we endeavor to provide timely information, it needs be ascertained by a medical professional before commencing long-term medication.

The information provided by us is only for reference purposes and we in no way intend substitute the professional opinion given by a medical professional. We only yearn to improve the safety of the consumers by elucidating the right way to take a medication thereby reducing medication errors. Our platform is also designed to assist licensed practitioners to serve their patients in a better manner. Any modification to the medication dosage or interval solely based on the information furnished by us is strictly prohibited.

Our medicine resource portal is designed in a robust and user friendly manner. The description of the medication is portrayed in a method that is clear and concise.You can find the patient information regarding a particular medicine by keying in the medicine name in the search button positioned at the top of the page. Alternatively you can also browse through category section to locate information regarding the drugs belonging to a certain category. Our website also comprises of various health specific blogs encapsulating in detail the common mistakes made while consuming medications and the proper approach to taking prescription drugs. The comprehensive information on the drugs can be utilized by medical professionals and patients alike. Further enquiries regarding the medication can be solicited by contacting us.