Ambien during pregnancy

Ambien during pregnancy

A vast number of pregnant women complain of sleeplessness and insomnia during this period. Non-medical sleep remedies may be sufficient most of the time but severe insomnia would require something more powerful like Ambien to overcome the state of sleeplessness. Hormonal fluctuations and the body’s adjustment to the developing fetus can result in a number of sleepless nights but it does not really have to be this way.

As long as the doctor approves, this drug may be safely taken to overcome insomnia during pregnancy. Besides, for many this is just a temporary problem and the insomnia usually goes away after the delivery. Here’s all you need to know about taking Ambien during pregnancy.

Insomnia during pregnancy

Hormonal changes are just one aspect of insomnia during pregnancy. Most pregnant mothers with this problem also have other factors that influence the sleep factor. Among other potential reasons, one could be a family history of insomnia or sleep anxiety that manifests during this particular time. If the insomnia is a new problem that began only at the time of pregnancy, know that it is just temporary.

Sometimes, pregnancy may not be the real reason for all the sleepless nights. Consult with the doctor to find out what else may be causing the problem. Once you understand this, you would be able to take suitable measures to overcome the sleep problem. If you are someone who became pregnant while on Ambien, do not discontinue taking the drug abruptly but get help from your healthcare provider for any changes in your medication or treatment plan.

Are there any risks of using Ambien during pregnancy?

According to the FDA, the pregnancy category of Ambien is ‘C’. This means that there is insufficient evidence of whether the use of the medicine during pregnancy would be harmful or not. The use of the drug at these times is decided based on the doctor’s calculations as to whether the benefits outweigh the risks.

In animal studies, Ambien administered in extremely high doses affected the developing the fetus. However, humans take only the single dose of 5mg or 10mg on an as needed basis and the risk is not the same. If this medication seems to be the most suitable medication to overcome insomnia issues in the pregnant mother, then the drug may be used according to discretion.

What should I know about taking Ambien during pregnancy?

Taking Ambien during pregnancy may seem like a big risk but this can be mitigated by following suitable precautionary measures. It is recommended to always follow the dosage guidelines that have been provided based on other drugs being taken and the health of the baby.

The drug should be taken or discontinued only with the approval of the healthcare provider. Inform the doctor right away if you become pregnant while on Ambien. It is not known how much of the drug is passed through breast milk.

Breast-feeding while on consuming this medication has the potential to cause withdrawal symptoms in the new-born. The as needed intake of Ambien while pregnant or breast-feeding should always be done with caution and under the supervision of the physician.