Ambien Improves memory power – Study says

Ambien for memory

It is known that when people take Ambien medication they would get good sleep at night but we know less about that it improves memory power in them too. This is what a recent study says after doing a research on the Ambien drug.

Ambien is taken to affect the natural chemicals in the brain which are imbalanced and then to provide good sleep for a person. Here, we are going to look at the facts much more than this.

When this sleeping pill is taken, it helps a person to move their memories from short-term storage to long-term storage. Researches also believe that this finding would help to improve the memory ability in aging adults. Apart from this, taking Ambien might also help patients who are suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia and schizophrenia.

You have to know about sleep spindles. These happen during part of a sleep which is helpful to solidify the memories. In older people, these sleep spindles would be very less compared to the younger ones.

Research on Ambien

During the research, people who have healthy sleeping habit are considered. They were 49 of them and were under the age 40.

These people were given with different dosage strengths of Ambien, Sodium oxybate and placebo. They were provided with the medication in different intervals providing time between these drugs so as to remove the traces from the body.

In this research, it was found that Ambien improved the Spindle activity whereas Sodium Oxybate decreased it. These people’s sleep, inability to sleep, and mood condition were monitored by the researches and conducted some memory tests on them.

In one of the memory tests, these people were shown pair of words and given little time to memorize. After few minutes, one word from the pain is shown to them and they were asked to recall the other one.

This verbal test result is very much important. It helps the researchers to know about the effect of the Ambien medication clearly. When Ambien is taken not only the sleep spindles of these people are improved but it also helped them to score good during the verbal memory test.

Can we take Ambien to improve memory power?

No, you are not supposed to take Ambien pills to improve your memory power but can be taken to provoke sleepiness in you. This is because Ambien is not approved for the usage of people to improve memory power. Apart from this, Ambien medication also possesses several side effects and other issues.

This research is only a baby step on trying to figure out the therapy for memory disorders. It is necessary to do further more researches.

Though Ambien increased the sleep spindles and improved memory, we are not still sure on which would be the appropriate dosage strength to be taken by a person. The positive thing about this research is that, we now know that Ambien medication would not only be helpful in promoting sleepiness but it also has other positive effects which a person can utilize.

But, the time to utilize the effects of the Ambien pills is not yet arrived. If you have memory issues, it is essential for you to wait for some more time to get detailed report about Ambien improving memory power.