Ambien Vs Nuvigil

Sleepiness definitely has an impact on the life. If you sleep well then everything is fine but what if you do not sleep well. This would automatically ruin every positive thing in the life. You would feel tired in the morning which means that you cannot concentrate on anything which eventually reduces the productivity. These are some of the effects that people who lack sleep experience and now let us look on the suffering of a person who get excessive sleepiness. They feel very drowsy in the morning and could not complete their task. Even in this case, the productivity of an individual is very much low. From this we can understand that if the sleep is excessive or if it is very low then it is definitely a headache. Fortunately, there are many medications available in the medical world to treat sleeping problems. For patients who are unable to get and maintain sleep, Ambien would be a boon whereas for those individuals who want to get rid of excessive sleep can take Nuvigil medication.


Ambien is a hypnotic medication that alters certain natural chemicals in the brain. This is done to convert imbalance chemicals to the balanced state which might be the reason behind no sleep in a person. People who want to get sleep immediately can take immediate release tablets of ambien medication whereas those individuals who are in need of getting as well as maintaining sleep should take extended release tablets of this drug. Women are recommended to take the dosage strength of 5 mg whereas for men it is 10 mg. Since it is addictive in nature this medication should not be taken for a very longer period of time.

Apart from this, it is very important to be cautious while taking this medication as people have done many activities like driving a vehicle, handling machinery; sleep walking or talking to a friend but later had no memory of it. For fewer patients, taking Ambien medication has also caused memory loss.


Nuvigil is a very effective medication that can be taken by an individual who gets excessive sleepiness due to narcolepsy, or sleep apnea. This medication works in its best way to promote wakefulness in a person. A single pill of Nuvigil drug with the appropriate dosage strength should be taken every morning. It is said not to take the pill at night because it spoils the good sleep at night causing the problem to increase. You should understand that a drug when taken to treat a medical ailment should only provide effectiveness on it and not create any other problems so know how to take it properly.

Some people also take this medication for preparing well for the exams. This is the wrong way and it should not be used for any other purpose rather than prescribed. Some people would feel tired at some point of time and misjudge that they have excessive sleepiness as well as take Nuvigil which eventually end up in any other issue. Nuvigil causes jitteriness, this might be an advantage for certain people who lack energy but it is definitely a disadvantage for those who suffer from anxiety.

Comparing Ambien and Nuvigil

Though both the medications are known in treating sleep problems, one medication is for lack of sleep whereas other is for excessive sleepiness. Both carries one common factor and that is keen observation is required during the course duration. Taking Ambien medication possesses higher risk when compared to Nuvigil drug so know about the drugs completely before commencing your treatment. If you are following the instructions provided by a doctor then there is no need of worry.