Sleep is a very important aspect of a person’s life. If you are unable to get adequate sleep for any reason whatsoever it just makes you feel groggy, fatigued, and out of temper as your mind and body crave for restful sleep. Persons with sleep disorders like insomnia would know this feeling all too well. On the other hand, someone with a condition like narcolepsy where you tend to sleep at any time without control can also find it to be disruptive. The sleep disorders may be different but the thing they have in common is that relationships, work, and studies can all become affected because of this.

Two important drugs that help with overcoming sleeping problems are Ambien and Provigil. They work very well for different sleep conditions but comparing them will give an insight into which drug may be better than the other.


Ambien, which is the brand name of Zopidem, is a highly potent sleep aid that is classified as a non-benzodiazepine. It is one of top medications available today to treat the condition of insomnia. Those who did not find any effectiveness with other sleeping pills have found Ambien to be very effective. The drug can help induce sleep within ten to fifteen minutes after taking it. Those who have restless sleep or find it difficult to go back to sleep after waking up at night can use the controlled release version of the drug, which is Ambien CR. The minimum dosage is effective enough, and if tolerance builds easily then the higher dose may be taken. People taking Ambien should watch out for side effects though.


Provigil, which is the trade name for Modafinil, is also used to treat sleep disorders but in people who experience excessive daytime sleepiness as well. The drug is very effective as a wakefulness promoting agent and is used for conditions like narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, and shift work sleep disorder. The drug also has the ability to feel less fatigue, more alert, and also improve cognition. This feature tends to make college students and working professionals to misuse the drug by abusing it as they feel more productive with Provigil.

Which drug to choose over the other – Ambien vs Provigil?

From looking at the two drugs in detail, one can understand how they help battle sleep problems. Provigil can help elevate daytime sleepiness while Ambien induces sleep. The end result is that both these medications help to regulate the sleep cycle, which is essential for leading a productive and healthy lifestyle. The issue that many face with Ambien and Provigil is that they both potential for abuse. Ambien can easily build tolerance, and severe withdrawal symptoms can occur if the drug is not discontinued by tapering the dose. Provigil is used by those who may not have a sleep disorder but just want to improve productivity. Whichever drug is suitable for your condition, ensure that you take it only under medical supervision for best results.