The intensity of sleeping problem varies from person to person and each requires different type of medication with different dosage. When the sleeping pattern gets affected the work-life cycle also gets unbalanced. Ambien and Unisom, both the medications were released for curing distinct sleeping disorders prevalent among the people. Prior to taking the pill, it is important to consult the physician and take the right medication, as they would analyze the physical and psychological health of the patient on multiple parameters and only then they offer a prescription.  After getting to know the exact nature of the problems, followed by the respective medication intake helps one to resolve the health issue without much struggle. As far as problems are concerned we would focus on two angles. The first would be people who do not get tired enough to fall asleep despite engaging in some sort of activity. The other is even after experiencing weariness after a hectic day of work, one would not able to sleep properly in the night.

Ambien – the facts

The medication is a kind of sedative and is hugely recognized as a hypnotic. The ingredient named zolpidem present in Ambien holds the responsibility of acting on the chemical constituents forming part of the brain, which might have got unbalanced in patients suffering from sleep problems.  The immediate release version of the tablet is prepared so that the patient falls asleep on lying after taking the medication. Another formulation of the medication, the extended release form, dissolves the initial layer swiftly to make the person asleep and the secondary layer dissolves at a medium pace to help the person sustain the sleep. It is usually the medico who determines which type of formulation would be better for the patient after a thorough study, in many cases assisted by reports.  So Ambien is prescribed for people who are simply unable to enter the sleepy state though attempting to do so. Patients agonizing with the issue of insomnia can derive better results out of this medication and sustain their sleep for a good and normal duration.

Unisom – the functions

The drug is utilized in treating patients who are unable to sleep and do not even feel any sense of tiredness which is the precursor or which kindles a person to fall sleep. The medication is classified as an antihistamine and itminimizes the effort in getting into a sleepy status.  The working mechanism of the drug is that it depresses the central nervous system that is the brain to bring about a drowsy state of mind. Unisom produces the best results for people who are unable to maintain a healthy sleep cycle. The intake of this medication acts as a corrective measure toset the balance right. It is mostly due to the sleep hygiene getting affected and this drug acts as a better remedy for it.

Which one to choose?

Picking the best one out of the two is not easy, as both the drugs have a good set of effects to take advantage of. In this case, illustrating the side effects of both the drugs would guide youin figuring out the safer one.  Feeling drowsy even during the day and unable to coordinate things are some of the problems associated with the intake of Ambien. People taking in Unisom also experience dizziness or feel sleepy. On a comparative scale, with the gravity of side effects caused by Ambien being on the higher side, it is better and safer to depend on Unisom for the intended outcome. And again with the intake of Unisom, the instances of getting addicted to the drug are very less.