Are College Students only marked for Abusing Adderall?

College students Abusing Adderall

Performing well in academics takes a huge toll on college students and many tend to up their productivity by taking stimulant drugs like Adderall. Available as a combination of amphetamine salts, it is considered as one of the most widely abused drugs by college goers.

It is a highly potent drug that works well for those with ADHD, but problems occur when non-ADHD persons start taking the drug. The recreational use of this medication leads to abuse as the stimulant can quickly build tolerance. Despite this pill being classified as a schedule II drug by the FDA, it is easily available on the streets and accessible to college students. There are many ways Adderall is abused by college students. The disturbing trend is that you are considered cool if you are taking this medication. Looking at all the information surrounding the use of Adderall among college students, it would seem that they are particularly marked for abusing Adderall.

Why do college students abuse Adderall?

This drug produces a high that is very similar to that of cocaine and other stimulants. Many students experience unending feelings of energy, a heightened sense of purpose, and a feeling of increased productivity. College is a time when students are highly vulnerable and easily open to trying a lot of new experiences. What may start as a one-time can quickly snowball into full-blown addiction due to the nature of Adderall? Recreational use of this ADHD med is more common than those who take it for genuine purposes. These college students feel that they can easily juggle between their academics and part-time jobs without any problem. It can help keep one awake for longer periods of time. Although the belief is that productivity is increased, the actual results may be the opposite. The key reasons why numerous college students abuse Adderall are:

  • To improve grades
  • Increase the focus while studying
  • Reduction of stress
  • Reduction of anxiety, to feel euphoric instead
  • To feel more confident and social
  • Boost performance in athletic activities.

What are the dangers of Adderall abuse by college students?

The easy availability of this pill is one of the major reasons for the abuse of this stimulant medication. Some users go as far as pretending to have symptoms of ADHD just to get the prescription easily from the doctor. Just because the doctor prescribes the drug, it does not mean that Adderall is safe to take. Those who genuinely need the drug should take it only with extreme caution.

The danger of Adderall abuse is that prolonged use of this medication can result in some very harmful effects. Dependency on the drug leads to addiction and it becomes very difficult to stop taking this drug. A major side effect of Adderall abuse is developing some form of psychosis. These people tend to develop symptoms like paranoia, anxiety, insomnia, weight loss, depression, mood disorders, and even mania. Some even experience hypertension and heart problems from abusing this drug.

Is it possible to prevent Adderall abuse by college students?

Addressing the problem of Adderall abuse on campus should be taken up very seriously. Students should be educated about the ill effects of this drug habit. Recreational users would not be aware of all the dangerous side effects as they would not have the medication guide that comes along with it. Another issue is that authority figures like parents and care givers of the students are usually unaware of the Adderall abuse. They too need to be educated on this problem and how they can find out if the college students are abusing Adderall or not. There are adolescents who genuinely need this medication and they should not be prevented from taking this medication. The importance of taking this drug right should be emphasized. With taking suitable measures to stem the abuse the abuse of Adderall, it is possible to manage the rampant abuse of this drug on campus.