Are online portals giving local pharma stores a run for their money?

online portals giving local pharma stores

Online pharmacy has become such a rage soon after their inception. Many people starting to opt for these online pharmacies rather than their neighborhood stores. But is the popularity big enough that the online pharmacy business is outrunning the local pharmacy stores? Yes, this is because millions of people are now turning towards online pharmacies to purchase their medicine. In this article, we discuss all the factors that are a testament to the popularity of online pharmacies.

Online pharmacies save time and money

This is the first and the foremost reason why people prefer online pharmacies. Why wait for long hours at a local store just to get a single medicine when there is an option of just getting the drugs delivered to the doorstep with the click of a button? This has been the mentality of many people opting online pharmacies. Moreover, an online pharmacy specifically Canada online pharmacy also comes handy when one has to compare prices of medicines from two different stores. This task can be overwhelming if an individual has to go different local stores and do the price comparison.

More often than not, online pharmacies offer meds for a price that is much lower than local stores because they do not have the overhead costs of renting a store and other extra costs. Hence they can offer meds to their customers at affordable rates.

Online portals also come as a boon for the elderly and people who are physically injured. They need not go out of their home to order the most needed pills. Problems with weather (raining or scorching the sun) is a major issue when one has to go to a local store. This issue can also be eliminated successfully, by choosing an online drugstore.


Surprisingly many people choose online Canadian pharmacies because of its convenience and not for the cost savings. There is no debate about the fact that a generic product pharmacy that brings pills to your home in a matter of few days is the most convenient method of getting the medicine. Online pharmacies just ask for few basic details for registration before they process the ordering of the medicine. In addition, one can get a complete idea of the medicine from its interactions with its side effects before they buy the pill from online pharma stores. But in neighborhood stores, they can only do this after they purchase the product.


Many people shy away from disclosing their medical condition to people. Some may even be embarrassed and these problems will be intensified when one has to approach a stranger in a local pharma store and ask for a medicine. With online pharmacies on one will get a whiff of your medicinal needs. The delivery consignment will also be packed discreetly, hence even the delivery personnel would not know about what medicines you order.

Are there any risks associated with Canadian online pharmacies?

Even with the numerous benefits, Canadian online pharmacies offer, there are still a few risks associated with it. With pharmacies operating on the internet, it is easy to sidestep the authentication process and offer pills without any evaluation or quality scrutiny. The other dangerous aspect is that there are also some illegal pharmacies that sell counterfeit drugs that produce grave side effects in people who are consuming them. But all these problems can be circumvented if you find an online pharmacy that is authentic and is dedicated to serving their customers in the best possible way. If done the right way, online pharmacies can benefit a lot of people. If you give it a try, it can quickly change your conventional mindset of shopping for meds through brick and mortar stores.