Why Ativan 2mg is considered as the best dosage to treat anxiety?

Ativan 2mg

Ativan, the brand name used for the drug Lorazepam, is used to treat people with problems like anxiety disorders and it can also be used for other purposes which are not mentioned in the medication guide. It is also used as a sedative before surgery.

Ativan helped majority of the people to get rid of stress and that is the reason 2mg dose is considered to be the best dosage. Though 2mg is considered to be the best dosage, it is always safe to consult a doctor because if people suffering from minimal amount of anxiety use the strength of 2mg it will lead to over dosage and cause various other problems. The benefit of using the pill is that it is fast reacting and provides a quick relief from anxiety.

What are the dosing instructions for Ativan 2mg?

Before taking Ativan 2mg, consult your doctor and know about the medication and how it should be administered. There are various strengths available such as 0.5mg, 1mg, and 1.5mg, which are prescribed depending upon the anxiety level.

Usually patients are prescribed with the minimal dosage strength and if it does not have any effect then the dose is increased, where is age is also considered for specifying the dose. It is important to follow the instruction specified for the medication and never modify the dosage unless you consult a doctor.

The drug with the dosage of 2mg is considered to be the best dosage but it should be never be shared with others as this can cause severe addiction. Place the medicine safely so that it is not accessible by anyone else other than you.

How can you take Ativan 2mg safely?

Ativan should be strictly avoided if you are pregnant because the pill can cause damage to be the newborn. According to research the best time to take the drug is to take it early in the morning on an empty stomach.

However, this may cause some side effects but it is mostly taken in the morning. Try taking the med at the same time every day and if you miss taking the medicine take it as quickly as possible. The medication should not be consumed within a short span before the next drug as it will cause problems.

If you are taking any other medication inform it to your doctor. Any symptoms caused by Ativan 2mg should be informed immediately to your doctor as the dosage level is high and is only used treat high level of anxiety.

Even though 2mg is considered to be the best dosage for the drug it should be administered properly. The drug usually has it’s effect for 6 hours so it is important to keep a track on when you are consuming the medication and take it according to the prescription.

Suddenly discontinuing the pill may cause withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, insomnia, vomiting, sweating, tension and many other adverse effects.