Baclofen vs. Valium

There are always many medications in the market that can be used to treat a single medical condition and this is where the problem starts. You would have read articles in the net and would have found a particular medication to work better for you. But, your expectations would have been shattered when your doctor had prescribed you with some other medication. This situation is very common in baclofen vs. Valium. There is certain information about these medications that you have to know about and reading this blog would help you in it.


This medication is a muscle relaxer and it is an antispastic agent. Patients who are suffering from muscle spasms caused by multiple sclerosis, and stiffness can take baclofen medication. After this muscle relaxer is taken, it is found to provide effectiveness for the period of one to four hours. The drug provides a very long effect on muscle pain by working in the central nervous system. Baclofen by working on the brain helps a person by calming the muscle spasms and it does not interfere with the function of muscles. This prescription only is available in the market as a pill and disintegrating tablet.


Valium is the medication that belongs to the benzodiazepine group and can be used by individuals who suffer from muscle spasms, anxiety disorder, restless leg syndrome, seizures, and sleeping problems. This medication should be taken only for the period of two to three weeks. This is due to the addictive nature of this medication. The biological half-life of valium medication is from twenty to hundred hours. To get this medication it is a must to have a prescription. To make it easier for use by different people, valium is available in pill, liquid and rectal gel. The medication works by modifying the neurotransmitters that is present in the brain and calms the nervous system. When this occurs, people can get rid from muscle spasms and anxiety. Moreover, it also induces sound sleep in a patient.

Which is the best medication to treat muscle spasms? Baclofen or valium?

It is always the best to choose the medication that is in the market for quite a long time. If the drug is there for a longer period then there would be many tests done on it, more studies or researches and also would be improvised in a better way. By considering this advantage before choosing the medication to treat muscle spasms then valium would be the right pick. But there are also certain disadvantages in the medication which refrains doctor from prescribing this medication. The main reason is its abusive nature. There are many people in the world who take this medication for recreational purpose.

On the other hand, baclofen does not have an addictive nature hence it is very easy for you to get prescribed for this drug. We do not mean that you should not take valium medication, everything is fine and safe as long it is taken in a proper way.