Can I take Adderall for treating Anorexia?

Adderall for Anorexia

No, Adderall should not be taken for treating anorexia. A lot of people happen to abuse Adderall and for wrong reasons which should be stopped immediately. It is essentially an amphetamine that is prescribed for the treatment of ADHD, ADD, and narcolepsy. This drug enables people to achieve a goal that is not otherwise easily possible.It also provides people with a heightened feeling of energy, awareness and attentive capabilities. Above all this, another surprising thing about this pill is that it is a wonderful appetite suppressant which drives people to take the drug with an assumption that it can efficiently battle anorexia. Read this blog to know more about Adderall and the associated relationship that is thought to exist between Adderall and anorexia.

Anorexia and Adderall

The appealing benefits of this ADHD pill like its ability to improve concentration, memory and also to act as an appetite suppressant is what makes many college goers and others to get addicted to this stimulant very easily. Many people take Adderall for non-medical purposes which are considered extremely harmful and health-threatening. Young women experience stress and pressure for various reasons. It is an undeniable fact that the need for academic and social success is of paramount importance, however, relying on drugs, for this reason, is completely incorrect. Moreover, this being a schedule II drug listed under the Controlled Substances Act, it just cannot be taken on an as and when needed basis.

People get confused with anorexia and the Adderall’s ability to be an appetite suppressant. While it might appear at first that taking Adderall for treating anorexia actually works, relying on the drug is not sustainable in the longer run.Those who take this medication to overcome the eating disorder making people worry about their weight and the food they eat, what is medically termed as anorexia happen to suffer from physical, mental and emotional trauma. Not only this, there are also chances that the person could eventually begin taking methamphetamine and also cocaine.

Adderall and addiction risk

You can be at high risk of addiction to Adderall if you encounter eating disorder behavior or if you take medication in order to maintain low body weight, relax, socialize, sleep etc.There are many young women who take treatment with Adderall as they feel their life was devastated due to the eating disorder or due to the abuse of prescription drugs. Many college goers regard this pill to be a wonderful drug. Due to this, the misuse and abuse of the prescription medication is being increasingly on the rise and has become a normal behavior among college students. People who do not even take cocaine or any other street drug happen to consume the drugs or meet dealers in search of cocaine as they take prescription medicines through a friend or accomplices. As these medicines are being approved by the food and drugs administration, prescribed by a licensed doctor and then dispensed at a pharmacy and as they come in plastic bottles, people think that the drug is safe to consume. In fact, many college students believe that taking Adderall is as innocent as taking any other medication like Tylenol for a headache. However, taking this pill for treating anorexia is strictly not to be practiced and one has to consult a physician in order to continue taking the drug.