Can Tramadol be used during pregnancy?

Tramadol during pregnancy

Tramadol is one of the most effective painkillers available that many people wonder if it would be safe or not to take this drug during pregnancy. It is considered to be well-tolerated and relatively less addictive compared to similar analgesics. Seeing as the number of pain symptoms that pregnant women go through, the drug may be looked at as a potential painkiller. However, to understand if Tramadol can be used during pregnancy or not studying a little more about the drug may help to clear any doubts.

It is highly understandable that women need this potent pain relief medication during this period of hormonal fluctuations and other physiological changes. A number of pregnant women experience severe migraine headaches, lower back pain and also pain in the lower pelvis.

The weight gain also stresses the nerves in different parts of the body and adds to the additional feelings of pain. Safety of Tramadol during pregnancy is questionable due to the risk of side effects and also tolerance, which may likely be passed on to the fetus as well. Read on to know the details of Tramadol’s effects during pregnancy.

What is the pregnancy category of Tramadol?

The FDA has classified this pill as pregnancy category ‘C’. This means that there is insufficient human data as to whether the drug can affect the fetus or not. Animal studies have shown that the drug at significant doses can affect the development of the embryo. However, the use of Tramadol in pregnant women is not restricted if the cause outweighs the risk.

What happens if Tramadol is used during the pregnancy?

Painkillers of any kind are usually avoided during pregnancy due to the effects that they can produce on the baby. Tramadol research data available shows that the drug can easily cross the placenta barrier. Prolonged use of the drug or in high doses can truly affect the development of the baby. One of the common risks to the fetus is respiratory depression.

Another effect is that of neonatal withdrawal symptoms. These can often become severe and life-threatening. The risk of Tramadol adverse effects increases if the drug is taken closer to the delivery time. As such, the lack of complete data makes it difficult to fully assess how much the pill will affect the pregnancy.

Can I use Tramadol while pregnant?

Using Tramadol during pregnancy is a decision that you have to take by consulting with the healthcare provider by taking all your health concerns into consideration. While certain pain symptoms are inevitable, you can always opt for alternative pain relief measures. It may be used only when the drug is imperative to managing highly severe pain problems like migraine headaches and intense lower back pain.

Any medications or supplements being taken at this time should also be assessed for likely interactions with Tramadol. If the benefit of using the drug is truly greater than the other risks involved then the pain medication may be taken as directed by the physician. Be sure to watch out for any side effects or tolerance and get them checked right away.