Does Adderall Affect Heart, Brain, Body Physiologic Functions?

Adderall effect

Yes, Adderall can dangerously affect heart, brain and body’s psychological functions. In addition to its curing ability, the drug also possesses some dangerous side effect that can affect the quality of life. The medicine comprising of amphetamine is being used for treating medical conditions but some also use for recreational purposes. The amphetamine content in Adderall or Adderall XR is very much useful in treating depression, narcolepsy and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The med is used recreationally due to its stimulant effects in promoting alertness, productivity.

Effects of Adderall

Due to using this medication too much, the heart muscles tend to become loose which could bring in many complications in the health. One can control their dependency and tolerance along with helping the brain function properly only if they limit the use of the drug in a slow and steady manner. Stimulants like Adderall increase the concentration and energy levels and simultaneously decrease the need to sleep and reduce one’s appetite levels.

The drug increases the dopamine and serotonin levels which are messenger in the brain and motivation pathways and these are responsible for regulating the emotion and feelings. Due to the influence of this drug, the brain feels that there are already enough neurotransmitters present and does not produce them any further. The more one takes the pill, the more these changes become ingrained. As a result of this, one develops some tolerance to the med and Adderall will be required every time in order to fulfill the desired effects. This in turn affects the heart, brain and the physiologic effects in the body.

Effects of Using Adderall for recreational purposes

Adderall is mostly used for recreational purposes by snorting or crushing the tablets to use the medication completely. Snorting the med can lead to various side effects like increase in the heart rate, raise in blood pressure, shortness of breath, heart attack, stroke, weight loss, loss of appetite, death as a result of cardiac arrest, addiction or tolerance. The short term effects results in enhanced energy levels that is quite similar to that of what is experienced by the cocaine users.

Certain short term symptoms of this drug include weight loss that is considered unhealthy, restlessness, cardiac issues, appetite suppression, insomnia and irritability. Further this ADHD treating medicine causes addiction and intense dependency due to its ability of producing euphoria. These addiction symptoms of the medicine result in dangerous effects like fatigue, lethargy, and decrease in concentration levels, depression, and increased irritability.

Effects of Long term use of Adderall

One report by the American Addiction Center stated that the increasing supply for Adderall prescription also increases health risks related to the medicine. When the drug is being used for a long term, there are chances that the drug could affect the brain. It can increase the levels of serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain. Due to the effect of the drug, the usual functioning of brain in producing the required neurotransmitters is altered.

Prolonged use of the pill can actually hamper the functioning of the drug and can also result in dysfunction of the brain later in life. The neurotransmitter which affects the functioning of the brain in turn affects the functioning of the heart in a negative manner. Increased dopamine and norepinephrine levels caused by Adderall can prompt myocardial contraction which in turn could lead to arrhythmia or fibrillation.