Does Propecia regrow hair?

propecia regrow hair

Certainly, yes. There are certain misconceptions about the drug which we would be clarifying in the ensuing lines. The first misconception being its potential to control hair loss and not to trigger hair regrowth. It’s absolutely incorrect. Perhaps, this is one reason why individuals don’t prefer taking this pill and instead opt for other hazardous hair loss pill. There are wonderful instances of men testifying to this online pharmacy that they have witnessed hair regrowth to a considerable extent. According to them, the medication is highly effective in controlling hair loss but at a slow pace. Are you wondering about the side effects? Perhaps, it is natural to be bothered about the negative effects of the pill. To clear the air, Propecia is not known for causing any serious adverse effects unless and until taken in the excess measure. The other misconception that has surfaced in the recent past is all about one of its side effects namely male breast cancer. According to hair loss experts, there is suspected to be a likelihood of this medical condition only in men affected by underlying life-threatening medical ailments. Hence, unfounded rumors circulating the online world shouldn’t be given much credence.

Should I need to make dose corrections so as to regrow my hair with Propecia?

As such, it is not that necessary. To put it in clear terms, hair regrowth is one of the allied medical potentials of the pill. Don’t engulf yourself with a misconception that the dose adjust is highly necessary. It is certainly not. You are expected to modulate the dose only at instances when you aren’t able to achieve an optimal response from the medication. Until then, it all remains the same. Bear in mind that it is strictly not recommended to increase/decrease dosage strength of Propecia in frequent intervals. It should be acknowledged that in some men the positive effects can be experienced only after six months. Do the effects of the Propecia vary from men to men? Yes, of course. It predominantly depends on the medical condition of the person. 1mg of the pill is very much sufficient enough to control hair loss and to regrow the hair. Never go about in relying on unverified recommendations and suggestions.

Can I stop the course of therapy with Propecia after experiencing improvement in hair regrowth?

It is purely the prerogative of the individual to take a call on this. The best recommendation of the medical world is not to discontinue the course of therapy with Propecia to the possible extent. According to them, it is Finasteride, the generic ingredient that works proactively in this pill. Hence, any decrease of this medicinal content in the blood might trigger hair loss again. Indeed, many call this as a drawback associated with this pill. On the flip side, it is not the same in all cases. There are pretty good instances, where men who have discontinued the course of therapy with Propecia some long months ago not experiencing hair loss in future. Quite surprising right? Facts like these cause dilemma rather than offering us a convincing idea. But the ideal recommendation of hair loss experts is to opt for a wait-and-watch policy. Stop taking Propecia upon experiencing improvement in hair regrowth, identify the response post discontinuation of the medication and accordingly take a call to continue the therapy.

What is the backup plan if I experience severe side effects upon taking Propecia?

If at all you experience side effects in severe magnitude consult the doctor, but never opt to take some other hair loss pill and spoil your health. Any negative effect observed in the body could be the resultant effect of drug interaction or because of an underlying medical ailment. Take all efforts to minimize.