Early Behavior Therapy using Adderall found to Aid Children with A.D.H.D.

Adderall for behavior therapy

When children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) were provided with behavior therapy, they improved in a better way compared to taking medications like Adderall in the initial stage. These improvements are only based on discipline but to increase the concentration and to increase the performance in a person, Adderall can be taken. For these qualities, drug is the first priority.

Study conducted on ADHD patients

In this study, children who belong to 5 to 12 years with ADHD are taken. Few children were given Adderall in the beginning and made to undergo behavioral therapy in the end and for other kids it is a vice versa.

Kids who were taking behavioral therapy were given rewards like saying good boy or providing their favorite food or providing extra time on smart phone for playing little extra, sitting at a place for few minutes and much more.

The discipline chart was provided to the teachers to mark based on the behavior of the children. The teacher stuck a tape on the table and the task was that children should sit within the space. They checked on how often they crossed it.

At the end people who took behavioral therapy first managed to perform well than those who took Adderall in the beginning.

What is the conclusion of the therapy?

It is not a conclusion but it is found that, a child with ADHD should undergo behavioral therapy in the initial stage. By doing this, there is also lot of advantages. The treatment for ADHD with Adderall is very much costly but when this method is followed the medical expense is lowered.

On average, a person can save up to $700 in medical expense in a year. This is quite a lot of savings and the effects that the kid gets is also doubled.

Taking behavioral therapy alone would be sufficient for ADHD treatment?

No, taking behavioral therapy alone is not sufficient for the kids who are suffering from ADHD condition. Taking a drug like Adderall is a must. We have mentioned earlier that Adderall should be taken to improve the focus, attention, concentration and wakefulness in a person.

These cannot be increased by taking only behavioral therapy. In fact, both these should be combined and taken. This would be the way to increase the benefit that a kid gets from the treatment.

Can you talk to the doctor about changing the treatment for your kid according to the result?

You can very well discuss with the health care professional about this and plan the therapy for the kid which would be more suitable for him or her. You should also understand that this is only a study and it needs more proof. There are many kids who suffer from ADHD and it is very difficult to judge at this stage whether it would be helpful for everyone when behavioral therapy is first taken followed by Adderall.

There are further studies required about this topic. It is found that with this tactics, Kids responded well when provided with lower dosage strength than the usual ones. This result is really good and the researchers are on plan to do more studies to get the complete benefit of taking early therapy using Adderall.