1. Is it safe to buy drugs online?

The truth of the matter is that there are both risks and advantages involved in buying drugs online. The drugs you purchase can be authentic and of high quality if you choose an authentic online pharmacy. But on the other hand, if you fail to do your research online and order from a counterfeit online pharmacy, one of the two things can happen. You may either be ripped off by not receiving any product or you may receive fake products instead of the real thing. But if the online pharmacy is an authentic one, then the benefits that you gain are numerous, which will have you opting for online pharmacies every time you wish to buy medications. Your first clue in doubting the authenticity of an online pharmacy is when you find the price too good to be true. Be wary of such online pharmacies and do your own research.

2. Can I get prescription online?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to get a prescription online. This feature of online prescription has benefited millions of people because they can get their medications hassle free. Online prescription increased the convenience of the customers based in USA when it comes to health care where the doctor’s consultation costs hundreds of dollars. The customers were easily able to take better care of their health with the help of online prescriptions. Regardless of how fast or how bad you want the online prescription, it is important to ensure the authenticity of the website and also the doctor who is issuing the prescription. Do not accept the prescription that was issued without examining your health records, unless you have already taken the medication before without any issues or allergies. The online prescription is only issued after a doctor assesses whether or not he/she should provide an online prescription. They will only issue the prescription if your condition is suitable to the medication you are planning take.

3. Is there something called online doctors? How does it work?

Online doctors are a new service that some online pharmacies have started, to provide a better service to their customers. With an intention to ease the troubles of people who find it a challenging task to approach a doctor due to financial or time limitations, online pharmacies started appointing in-house online doctors who can offer their expert opinion on guiding the customers regarding their health and well-being. These online doctors usually have professional medical experience hence they are qualified enough to offer their services.

What is the difference between Canadian pharmacies and other offshore pharmacies?

The biggest difference between Canadian pharmacies and offshore pharmacies is the quality of the products. With Canadian pharmacies there is absolute guarantee for the quality and authenticity of the products. Canadian pharmacies are approved by the FDA hence they need to follow all the regulations before they supply the products to their customer. Another difference is that the offshore pharmacies may be located very far from the United States where as Canadian pharmacies operate in Canada hence the shipping time will be greatly reduced. Some Canadian pharmacies even promise to deliver goods the next day. The price of the medication however is slightly high in Canadian online pharmacies compared to offshore pharmacies. This is of course not surprising given the first class service provided by Canadian online pharmacies. The drugs supplied through off shore pharmacies do not have to observe all the rule and regulations that the Canadian online pharmacy drugs follow. Hence there is a scope for sub-standard drugs.

4. How cheap are the drugs online really?

Drugs online are significantly cheaper when compared to conventional stores. Some pharmacies even offer the same drug for a price that is 40% lower than the actual price that it is sold in local medical stores. Thus online pharmacies provide an affordable alternative to high cost prescription drugs. The reason behind this is perhaps online stores do not have to maintain a physical store and a whole lot of expenditures that comes along with it. They also approach whole sale suppliers most of the time, so all the cost spent on the intermediaries is excluded. This is what eventually paves way for online pharmacies to offer drugs at attractive prices allowing substantial savings on regular prescription bills. At times there are special offers and discounts in online pharmacies which reduce the cost of drugs even more. With bulk orders people can avail even higher cuts on the price margin. All of these aspects combined can reduce the drug price to the fraction of the cost at which it is available in local pharmacies.

5. How to choose right online pharmacy for the purchases?

The first and foremost action that is required in choosing the right online pharmacy is to spare some time to conduct a research on identifying authentic online pharmacies. This can be done by looking at the verification labels or by checking the testimonials/positive feedback on the website from genuine customers or any organizations. It is not quite hard to find licensed online pharmacies and all it needs is a little amount of patience. Alternatively you can also look at the about us page and privacy policy to get a general idea on if the website is operating professionally or not. To ascertain the legitimacy you can also check with the customer care representatives and clear any suspicions that you have regarding the authenticity of the website. If it is a reliable online pharmacy, they would be glad to answer all your queries without any hesitation. Check out if the online pharmacy is properly organized with strict payment and shipment policies in place. Genuine online pharmacies have a physical address and valid contact information to prove their legitimacy.