Flonase Vs. Benadryl

Only if the person suffers from allergic reaction, he or she would know how annoying it is. That too when it interferes in every aspect in the routine and disabling people from doing even small activities in the life, it is when the serious trouble starts. Treatment is very essential to get rid of this issue. Flonase and Benadryl are two such treatments that can be taken to control these allergic reactions. Though these medications are over the counter drugs and can be easy available to the patients, it is important to know which drug is appropriate for an individual before taking it.Let us look on the details about the medication as well as what should you take to treat the condition.


Flonase contains active ingredient named fluticasone and it is the corticosteroid. When a patient uses this nasal spray, the substances that are responsible to create inflammation in the body would be prevented. This medication is used to treat runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, watery eyes, or itchy eyes that are caused by seasonal as well as year around allergies.


Benadryl is an effective anti-histamine medication which contains diphenhydramine as an active ingredient. This over the counter drug is helpful in blocking the effects of histamine that would happen when the body is exposed to any allergic reactions. Some of the allergic reactions that can be controlled when you take Benadryl are hives, runny nose, itching eyes, watery eyes, common cold, sneezing and cough.

What to take? Flonase or Benadryl

A doctor would prescribe the medication depending upon the necessity of a person. When Benadryl is taken, it is found to be very effective in treating hives and majority of the allergic symptoms. This is a very cheap medication that can be easily found in offline as well as froman online pharmacy. You can easily save a lot of money by getting this medication.

When it comes to treating a specific condition in the body, Flonase would work the best. Suppose, you are suffering from rashes and you want to get treated, Flonase can help you to get faster effect on this condition. In addition to that, this drug would also be helpful in preventing inflammations inside the nose. When this happens, it would increase the comfort level. Flonase is little expensive compared to the Benadryl medication.

So, the medication can be taken based on what is your requirement. Only the best drug for your body would be prescribed by the doctor. Benadryl is not an option, if you want to get treatment for specific allergy. In this case, you should take Flonase as this would be the appropriate option. You can take Benadryl if your treatment is not specific and if the care is needed for overall allergic reactions. In this case, Flonase should not be taken. Both the medications work well in their best ways. It is you who have to choose it appropriately. When you choose the medication promptly, it is possible for you to get positive effects for a longer period of time over the allergic reactions.