Generic Ambien vs. Brand

Few people think that taking generic Ambien over the brand one would not be effective but that is not the fact. To understand about this, you have to know about the difference between these medications.

Increase in excitement level

After a person change from brand Ambien to the generic medication, they usually complain a lot. Major complain would be that they are feeling very excited than usual. Individuals would find this difference in an immediate day after taking generic pill.

Whereas, there are few other people who struggle to focus. These are some of the effects that you might experience when you switch between brand and generic Ambien.

Reviews from forums

When we searched about the reviews on different forums, we came upon many opinions on this generic medication. People shared that taking generic Ambien was not effective on them.

They continued sharing that when they take generic variant of Ambien, they could not fall asleep sooner at night. Adding to that, they also experienced certain harsh side effects on them.

Experiences shared by few users

Experiences that an individual got by taking Ambien generic would differ from one person to another. So, what you feel on this medication would not reflect on others.

Some patients said that after they took generic Ambien, they felt very hungry like never before.

Whereas, few people complained that they felt very tired after they took generic Ambien which was not there during the treatment with brand Ambien. Actually, there can be many reasons behind this.

Problems faced by people in waking up

If you are person who takes generic Ambien over the brand medication then there are chances that you would suffer from problems related to waking up.

After they slept, they got very good sleep and it was sometimes very excessive. For some, this might be an advantage but for others it might be a disadvantage.

If you feel that you are sleeping too much, then you can do a little change in your day to day activity. You can ask someone to wake you up in the morning or you can also set up an alarm in the morning that could assist in waking you at the right time.

You should know that these experiences would vary based on case by case. So, you need not get any fear that you might get excessive sleepiness. There are many people across the globe who switch from brand Ambien to generic Ambien but still experience no side effect in them.

If the issue is analyzed in detail, it can be seen that, many people would have converted from one variant to another without consulting with a health care professional. They might have chosen different dosage strengths, varied dosage forms or would have suddenly switched to other variant.

So, if you want to switch from brand to generic medication or vice versa, you should get medical help from a medico. They would help you to take the new medication without any risk.