Xenical is relatively safe to take when you follow the dosage guidelines, which includes looking out for possible drug interactions. The drug works brilliantly in preventing fat absorption when taken along with every meal. However, you should watch out for other drugs that you may be taking at the same time as these can affect the efficacy of the drug or even cause adverse reactions. Here’s a simple guide on the drugs to watch out for if you are simultaneously taking Xenical diet pills.

What are the drugs that can interact with Xenical?

One should always inform the healthcare provider when getting the Xenical prescription to avoid any unwarranted drug interactions. The following are some of the possible interactions of the medication that are important to take not of:

Important Xenical safety information

The Xenical user should always consult with the doctor before taking the diet pills as any other drugs being taken or other underlying health conditions can cause adverse effects, for which further treatment may be required. The drug should be taken only as directed for the best results. In case of any side effects or interactions, contact the healthcare provider without any delay. Toxicity from drug interactions takes a long time to recover from and it is always better to avoid this from happening in the first place.