Hair Loss Drug Propecia may decrease Alcohol consumption in men

Propecia decreases alcohol consumption

Propecia has been in use for many years for treating hair loss in men. Available as the brand name of Finasteride, Propecia works effectively to stop hair loss and also helps to regrow lost hair. The drug has to be taken regularly for at least a year to see its benefits visibly on the scalp. Buying Propecia and using it day to day can bring on certain side effects as well. Medical researchers have found that one such side effect of the drug is that it actually reduces the craving for drinking alcohol. Keep reading to learn more about the study, and the relation between Propecia use and decreased alcohol consumption.

How does Propecia work?

Propecia is known as a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor. By suppressing this substance, Propecia helps reduce the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). High DHT levels are what cause the hair to fall in the first place. The drug is indicated for use only in men and it effectively put a hold a further hair loss. Hair regrowth with Propecia is possible only through this suppression of DHT. Some men experience about 60-70% suppression during the drug course. It is important to commence the Propecia treatment right in the early stages of hair loss as the drug can slow down the progression and also protect the existing hair on the scalp.

The effect of Propecia on drinking alcohol

The relation between Propecia and decreased alcohol consumption was found through a survey of Propecia users who had discontinued the treatment. The results of the survey revealed that those who previously had at least five alcoholic drinks before Propecia use were now drinking only about one or two drinks in a week after Propecia use. Researchers also stated that those displayed experienced alcohol consumption were likely producing less of the substance that gives a high while drinking. This symptom was especially seen in those who experienced sexual dysfunction side effects like decreased libido and impotency with Propecia use. As of now, a more detailed study is required to determine the exact way through which Propecia and decreased alcohol consumption is related.

Potential side effects of Propecia to be aware of

Ordering Propecia from a reliable online pharmacy can enable getting the authentic pills that are of genuine quality and work effectively for the hair loss treatment. Taking the Propecia pills under medical supervision is essential to improving the hair growth and stopping further hair loss. As with any other drug, this once-daily medication can also cause certain side effects. The decreased alcohol consumption is just one of many. Some of the other side effects to watch out for are changes in the breasts, signs of breast cancer, impotency, loss of interest in sex, trouble getting an orgasm, abnormal ejaculation, and skin rashes. Most side effects can be avoided if the Propecia user goes in for regular health checks and takes the pills only as directed. In the end, Propecia is an ideal hair loss drug for men that really works.