How Adderall become a popular drug among athletes?

Adderall among athletes

Adderall is banned by almost every sports organization though it provides innumerous benefits to athletes. There is no doubt that this drug is a performance-enhancing medicine. This pill has become so much ubiquitous in America that it doesn’t seem to be harmful.

The med is being abused by a lot of athletes these days which is actually meant to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Doctors estimate that around 4.4 percent of today’s population suffers from ADHD and many others suffer from a similar condition that would require them to take Adderall.

Recreational use of Adderall

It is believed that this medication has the potential to provide youth with enhanced levels of energy which you normally wouldn’t be having. This pill, is in fact, one of the few powerful medication that is quite easy to procure as it does not usually require any lab test or diagnosis for ADHD. There are many doctors who have denied issuing prescription to people for Adderall as they didn’t seem to have associated symptoms.

Further, these people only come to get the medication for recreational purposes. Yet, there are also some doctors who have to prescribe Adderall to athletes as they come with power and threaten the doctors to prescribe them the medicine. But mostly, doctors have averted prescribing this medication to athletes in most of the cases.

Danger associated with using Adderall

Adderall is a schedule II drug and is very much addictive and dangerous. It is a pill that is also associated to great risks in addition to its productive ability in various spheres. Even if it is taken only with a prescription, there are certain limitations over it which requires pharmacists to maintain track of the supply of the drug. Prescriptions have to be written again for this drug and it cannot be refilled.

Benefits of Adderall made it become addictive for many, including athletes

A lot of college students have used this drug on their own just to gain some concentration levels and wakefulness abilities. A more number of athletes have also begun to use this drug in a schedule that is very grueling. Getting caught with this pill is not so easy, given the drug’s ability to be able to move very fast in the system.

The pill works in the body immediately upon consumption and gets out of the body within eight hours. In fact, Adderall is a kind of medication that is very good to take and not get caught. However, if it’s present in the system, then it can be easily traced. It is one such medication that has become easily accessible as many online drugstores have started supplying the medicine without a prescription.

This puts consumers like athletes and college goers in great risk. It has become difficult to stop those who buy the pill illegally, especially the athletes. The medication becomes like a snowball wherein intake of one drug forces the user to take another. When athletes happen to focus better in the activities they do, they gradually begin to use more of the drug.

In an effort to avert detection, athletes take multiple prescriptions from various pharmacies and also to avoid the medication in getting extinct at home. The amazing benefits the drug carries has made athletes to become addicted to Adderall.