How effective is Propecia for the treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia in Women?

Propecia for Androgenetic Alopecia

We all know that Propecia is the medication to treat male pattern baldness. But the question here is that, is it possible to treat Androgenetic Alopecia in women.

The test results

Women who are suffering from female pattern baldness and those who are beyond their menopause stage were taken for this research.

Two teams were made in which first team were given with placebo medication and another team were given Propecia pills. It is a blind fold test which means no one knows about what kind of medication they are taking. All the women had lower Androgen level. In this test, both the women in the group did not experience any reduction in their hair loss. In fact, they found that they continued to lose hair and there was no hair growth.

During another research which involved women who belong to the menopause stage with female pattern baldness and elevated androgen levels, the result was positive. This was not a blind folded test and women clearly know that they were taking Propecia medication. Some women experienced hair growth and the hair density also improved.

Can all women take Propecia to treat female pattern baldness?

No, not all women can take this hair growth medication. You have to first know about the drug. This is a male hormone pill and women are not supposed to even touch it. If they come in contact with the drug it is advised to wash the part of body that came in contact with Propecia soon.

Especially those who are planning to become pregnant, already conceived or lactating are at high risk. Even if these women touch the medication the fetus or child would get affected by Propecia. This is definitely a serious issue as it paves way for serious consequences.

Why Propecia is for women those who are in menopause stage?

The state of a woman before and after menopause is very different. Male sex hormones are called as testosterone and female sex hormones are called as estrogens. These both hormones would be present in both the gender. For male, testosterone level would be higher whereas for female estrogen is very much higher.

But, when a woman crosses the menopause stage the female sex hormones decreases and the testosterone increases. At this phase, they might be eligible to take Propecia medication.

Is Propecia approved for female pattern baldness?

No, Propecia is not approved for treating female pattern baldness and it is still in the research phase only. Not all women who suffer from Androgenetic Alopecia can take it but those who also have elevated Androgen levels can.

Anyhow, it is not possible to be judgmental as in this phase; it is very much needed to do further case studies in order to find the effectiveness of Propecia pills.

Are there any chances for approving Propecia for treating Androgenic Alopecia?

If the researchers were impressed about the effects that Propecia provides on female then there are chances for it to get approved. However, there are so many factors that have to be considered like side effects. This is very much important.

It is the fact that all the allopathic drugs possess certain amount of ill effects but even in that there are certain guidelines. When Propecia is taken by a woman, it is very important that she should not suffer from any fatal conditions.

The researchers would also find which dosage strength would be appropriate for female patients. Most probably, they would provide various dosages ranging from lesser to higher so that they get a clear idea.

If you are a woman who is having female pattern baldness, never go about taking the Propecia pills now. It might be effective to be taken but it is not yet approved. If you still have any questions regarding this then you can directly ask your healthcare professional and clear it.