How long will Valium side effects last?

valium side effects

Valium is often used in the management of anxiety disorder for its calming and sedative effects. As a potent benzodiazepine, the drug is intended only for short-term use. This is mainly because the anxiety medication can quickly build tolerance in an individual, which would require higher dosing, and may even lead to drug dependence. The higher the dose the greater the risk of problem in the user. These symptoms have the potential to last long in the system and may require additional treatment just to overcome them. It is effective but it should be taken right by knowing in advance what to expect and staying cautious. Read on to know more about the lasting side effects of Valium.

Valium duration of effects and impact on the body

It is a quick-acting Diazepam formulation and the onset of action is usually within thirty to forty minutes of taking it. The calming effects typically last for about four to six hours after taking the dose. However, the active metabolites of the pill can remain in the system for a very long time with the drug having a biological half-life of about twenty to hundred hours. This long time that the medicine takes to eliminate from the body enables the problems that may occur to also last for a prolonged period in the system. The duration of adverse problems, if any, also depend on the dosage level and how long the drug has been in use. Abruptly discontinuing the medication can result in severe withdrawal symptoms and it is important to get help from the healthcare provider for tapering the dose. Whether mild or severe, the side effects of Valium last in the system according to how the drug is taken and may require further treatment to get rid of them completely.

How to offset the adverse effects of Valium?

Taking Valium or any other medication is bound to result in adverse symptoms even if all the instructions are thoroughly followed. Do not discontinue the medication at once if you notice any ill issue. Check with the doctor first before adjusting the dose or stopping the drug altogether. Withdrawal issues are more difficult to manage. Consume the medication only as directed so that the chances of developing the issues are less.

To be on the safer side, avoid using the drug in any way other than as intended or abusing it. Valium abuse is among the top reasons extended side effects experienced. The drug is relatively safe to take when the dosing instructions are followed. Do not avoid seeking medical help if you experience any strong reactions or if you feel that you are addicted and need help.