How to avoid Adderall Dependence?

avoid Adderall Dependence

Adderall may be the preferred drug for the conditions narcolepsy and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but using the drug increases the risk of becoming dependent on it. It’s chemical properties aside, this is a drug that is subject to abuse and people who do not medically need it do take it. The easy availability and the stimulant effects of the drug result in many people abusing it.  Those who take the drug according to the doctor’s advice are also at risk of becoming addicted to it. If you must take Adderall then it helps to know in advance about the associated precautions of use and take steps to avoid falling into the trap of dependence. Recovery from Adderall dependence is possible but this is a slow process that takes a lot of time, effort, and going through some very harmful symptoms. Instead, it is better to avoid becoming dependent on Adderall and we tell you how.

What are the reasons for Adderall dependence?

Dependence on Adderall can be seen when the person is unable to function normally without taking the drug. It is easier to identify Adderall dependence if there are any withdrawal symptoms while trying to discontinue taking the drug. There are reasons why Adderall use can result in dependence. For one, the drug is a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine salts, which work in the system as stimulants. The effect of this stimulant Adderall is that one can easily build tolerance towards it and this can happen with just using the drug for a few weeks. Those who genuinely have ADHD are more likely to benefit from taking Adderall as the drug helps them to be more focused and calm down from hyperactive behavior. Non-ADHD users only experience the stimulant effects and the productive high, which they try to seek more often by increasing the dosage without any regulation of how often the drug is consumed.

Ways to avoid becoming dependent on Adderall

Despite the chances of the Adderall dependence being high, there are ways to avoid becoming reliant on the drug. They are:

  • Only take Adderall if you are prescribed for it and stick to the dosage. If you find that it is not effective as before, consult with the doctor before modifying the dosage in any manner.
  • Be aware of how you are using drug by maintaining a strict dosing schedule and sticking to it. Abusive use of the medication increases the risk of dependence tremendously.
  • As an orally administered pill Adderall should be taken only through this delivery method. All other ways of taking the medication are a sign of abuse.
  • There are always warning symptoms in the form of side effects. Take note of these effects and consult with your doctor regarding them for the safe use of Adderall.