How to avoid Provigil dependence?

Avoiding Provigil dependence

Provigil is a medication that is used to promote wakefulness. With its wonderful cognitive enhancing abilities, one thinks about the dependency of the med and how not to become dependent to it. Reading this blog will help you to understand about the efficacy of this med and the possible chances of addiction. Most importantly, you will learn here the ways to avoid dependence on the medication.

It is a non-amphetamine psychostimulant and is prescribed for treating narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea and shift work disorder. Modafinil 100mg can be taken once a day or 12 hours apart a day. It is was also discovered that the drug reduces dependence on cocaine and also the withdrawal phenomenon. The drug is also known to have a low liability for abuse and dependence. You can find a case about Modafinil’s dependence further below.

Study on Provigil

One patient, a male, aged 44 years complaining of excessive daytime sleepiness, low mood, lethargy and sleep disturbances at night for around past three months was taken into consideration. On evaluating the patient for his medical history, it was found that the patient was on medication since 2005 for treating a mental illness.

The patient was later diagnosed for sleep disturbances, disturbed mood, anxiety for which he was prescribed for Provigil 200mg. The patient, over the course of time, himself increased the drug’s dose gradually in order to overcome his drowsiness which interrupted his shift work. Over a period of time the patient developed great dependence on the drug which was found out over a detailed diagnosis.

It was later known to be as Modafinil dependence syndrome (DSM V). This made the patient unable to cut down the drug quantity, increase the amount of drug being consumed, have withdrawal symptoms and gradually develop an immense craving for the med.

The patient was given a low dose of Clonazepam in order to overcome the withdrawal symptoms. With this, the patient gradually noticed improvement in his sleep pattern. There are though not many cases on Modafinil dependency noted.

Outcome of the study and avoiding Provigil dependence

The only and the best way to avoid Provigil dependence is to take the medicine as directed by your physician. Many doctors happen to prescribe this pill for off-label purposes and therefore this has to be averted so as to avoid people getting dependent on the drug.

Users have to constantly monitor their benefits and the side effects if any when taking the drug so that they can trace the dependence duration and carefully follow procedures to overcome this dependence. This pill is generally very less susceptible for addiction and so are a few cases of Provigil dependence reports being observed.

One can look into smaller nootropic solutions that do not pose any danger and that are not scheduled under controlled substances. Many of these nootropics bring in some degree of cognitive boosting effects that are similar to this drug thus helping the individual to avoid getting dependent on the pill. You can also ask your doctor on how to avoid Provigil dependence.