How to control cravings on Phentermine?

control cravings on Phentermine

Cravings are the biggest enemy if you are trying to lose weight. But, Phentermine can help a person in it.

Types of cravings

You have to first understand about the types of cravings before taking Phentermine medication. There are actually 4 types of cravings.

  • Physical hunger- This would be the real form of hunger. But, you have to plan the meals accordingly in a healthy way which comprises of rich nutrients, protein and fiber. Make sure that you are not extremely hungry for the lunch. Try to eat a healthy food before lunch as it would avoid binge eating. Though phentermine would help you to lessen the hunger, if you have this type of cravings there are chances that you would choose unhealthy diet.


  • Emotional hunger- You would feel hungry if you are angry, anxious, scared or worried. Though you take Phentermine for weight loss, it is a must to control these types of cravings. Usually emotional hunger would last only for twenty minutes so you have to distract yourself at this period. You can invite your friends to your home or go for a walk. If the distraction does not work for you then you can take fruits or vegetables.


  • Mental hunger- People who belong to this category would provide rewards to them for doing exercise or for walking. They become habitual to it and it is not good if you are planning to lose weight with Phentermine. Since you are on this medication, you can eat only very less. But, if you prefer chocolates, cookies or any unhealthy meal for the day then it is not possible for you to eat the healthy foods. So, the nutrients that the body needs for that day would not be available and this is not good for health too.


  • Habit hunger- For some people, it is a must to eat chips when they watch Television. They do not even know how much they are eating as they are concentrating on watching a show. Phentermine is an appetite suppressant and you would not feel any hunger. But, in this phase you would overeat without even realizing.

Tips to be followed

When you are in Phentermine treatment, you have to take measures to avoid such cravings. Do not form a habit to eat while you watch a Television and you can reward yourself once in a while only. Control your emotions so that you can avoid eating fried foods. If you are able to avoid such cravings then you can lose weight easily while on Phentermine drug. Do not have worries as Phentermine would also help you to avoid temptations as well as cravings towards your favorite foods.