How to deal with Tramadol withdrawal symptoms?

Tramadol withdrawal symptoms

Tramadol is a narcotic like pain reliever and is known to treat any sort of pain in the body irrespective of the intensity of the pain or whether the pain ranges from moderate to severe. It is a medication that is similar to other opioid analgesics. Tramadol is the generic formulation of its brand counterpart Ultram. The drug is known to act in the body by changing the way your body could feel or respond to the pain. This medicine is labeled under Schedule IV controlled substance by the drug enforcement administration (DEA) since it is an opioid narcotic med. It is believed that Tramadol has higher risk to addiction and its withdrawal symptoms are highly difficult to manage. In this blog, you can learn on how to deal with the withdrawal symptoms of Tramadol in an efficient manner.

Withdrawal effects of Tramadol

After a few weeks of regular dosing with Tramadol, your body has the tendency to develop a chemical dependency on Tramadol. This narrates that if you stop using this medicine, your body will go through a series of withdrawal symptoms. This medicine has both the opioid and non-opioid properties. The withdrawal symptoms from Tramadol are similar to those that result upon taking the benzodiazepines or other opiate meds. The withdrawal effects from this drug results in pain and discomfort in the body. But this pain relief pill can also affect your moods and can cause psychological effect on you. Craving for the drug could further make the Tramadol withdrawal a difficult thing. But if you wonder why withdrawal happens, you need to understand that the body becomes so used to the regular dose of Tramadol that it cannot work without it or can hamper with the functioning when a dose of it is missed. So when you stop using the med, your body begins to rebound. Withdrawal symptoms occur as your body has to re-adapt with the absence of Tramadol.

The following ways can help to deal with Tramadol withdrawal symptoms:

Treat the serotonin syndrome

There is one major complication for tramadol withdrawal and that is the potency of serotonin syndrome. This syndrome occurs when the brain is not able to regulate serotonin and the body experiences intense anxiety and depression. This can be treated with antidepressants or SSRI medications.

With the help of Tramadol detox clinics

Detox is a process through which Tramadol is fully removed from the body either with the help of medications or by using supporting therapies. Under a proper medical supervision, you can treat adverse Tramadol withdrawal symptoms very quickly.

By outpatient or inpatient programs

Treating Tramadol withdrawal can be done at both outpatient and also on an impatient basis. You can do this either by admitting yourself at any hospital or by appointing a doctor at your home to attend to you.