How to decrease my body’s tolerance to Tramadol?

decrease tolerance to tramadol

There are innumerable diseases and disorders that can affect a human body but suffering from severe pain is the worst of all. Physicians normally prescribe to buy Tramadol online for treating moderate or severe pain. It is considered as an opioid analgesic or simply we can say a narcotic painkiller. There are other powerful analgesics like hydrocodone, oxycodone etc which are more effective in pain relief but Tramadol is preferred over them in most of the cases as it is less addictive. Tramadol can be prescribed by a physician to treat many problems other than pain.

Although it is considered as one of the safest analgesics but the prolonged use of the drug can lead to addiction problems. The body tends to grow a tolerance for the drug and you may find the drug to be less effective, thus it increases the urge of consuming more of this painkiller medication. Tolerance paves the way for addiction and indulges a person in substance abuse problems. So controlling this tolerance is very essential. It can be achieved mainly by slowly decreasing the quantity of Tramadol intake. Sudden stoppage of the drug is not recommended as it may cause the onset of several withdrawal problems. Slow removal of the analgesic from the system is what helps in decreasing the tolerance.

What is Tolerance to Tramadol?

Generally, the term Tramadol tolerance implies the body’s need for the high dosage of the analgesic. It is known to everyone that human physiology varies from person to person, so there are people who generally doesn’t show any tolerance to the drug even after a prolonged use and on the contrary, there are people too who may develop the tolerance for the medication within few days. So from this, you must not be sure of the time that is required in general to develop tolerance due to the variations in physiology. But generally, it can be said that the prolonged use of Tramadol for consecutive weeks will result in the development of tolerance in a human body. This is why physicians only prescribe the painkiller for 4-5 days. If you witness the symptoms of tolerance to the drug then rather than increasing the dosage yourself contacting the prescribing physician is a better option.

How can the Tolerance be decreased?

If you have already developed a tolerance to the analgesic Tramadol then it will not be helpful to just quit the drug as it will trigger a number of adverse withdrawal symptoms due to the dependence of the body upon the drug. To decrease the tolerance to Tramadol the best way is to control body’s exposure to the painkiller under proper medical guidance. The best way to deal with tolerance is to quit the drug under proper medical care. Although it may trigger various withdrawal symptoms due to the dependence of body on the drug but proper medical observation will aid in easing the side effects produced on withdrawal. The withdrawal symptoms are generally counteracted with proper medications and ultimately resulting in a removal of the medication from the system.