How to identify real Phentermine tablets?

identifying real phentermine

Phentermine users who have been on the drug long-term would be able to easily distinguish between the fake and the real pills. However, not many persons can identify if the Phentermine they receive is real or not. The prescription weight loss medication has been around for many decades and since it is highly popular, there are many spurious manufacturers who offer imitations of the real. Often, the counterfeit pills look so authentic that till you take the medication and see no effects, you may not be able to identify that it is fake. This can happen to any person since the counterfeit pills are made to look as authentic as possible. Phentermine that is not the real one can cause some very harmful side effects like nausea, headache, sleeping problems, and stomach pain, to name a few. If you are skeptical about the Phentermine that you have and not sure if you should be taking it, then here are some guidelines that can help in identifying real Phentermine.

How to get real Phentermine?

No matter which place you order Phentermine from, you can always ensure that you get only the authentic medication by taking suitable measures. Phentermine, whether in the brand or generic formulation, is available for use only with approval from the FDA. Even though the drug may be made by different companies, general FDA rules apply to all prescription medications.

Since there are multiple manufacturers of Phentermine, the drug comes in different forms and dosage strengths. You can get Phentermine as a compressed tablet, capsule, orally disintegrating pill, or even as a compound that can be made into a drink. Dosage strengths can also be something like 15mg, 30mg, or 37.5mg.  As all Phentermine formulations pass through FDA scrutiny, each variant will have specific color codes, shapes, and also a unique imprint. This imprint can be searched online to see if the drug is authentic or not. Pills that come without the drug code imprinted are most likely to be fake or something that won’t work for weight loss like vitamins. Look for these distinguishing features if you want to get real Phentermine.

What are the identifying markers of real Phentermine pills?

Since there a numerous Phentermine variants, it is not possible to list and describe every pill in detail. If you were to opt for the popular brand Adipex, then you can get the medication either as a tablet or capsule. The Adipex tablet is white but speckled with blue, oval in shape, and has a scored line on one side. The other side has the imprint ‘ADIPEX-P 99’. The capsule is half blue and half white, and has the imprint ‘ADIPEX-P 37.5’. Use a pill identifying tool online and enter the imprint code or features of the pill to check is the drug you have is real Phentermine.