Tramadol is a popular pain relief medication which is available in different forms like oral and intravenous form. When this drug is taken it would provide relaxation from the pain that is caused by different medical ailments, injury or surgery. Apart from this, the pain relief pill is also known to reduce the symptoms like anxiety, depression and phobia.

Tramadol as an Oral form

This is one of the commonly prescribed forms to the patients. It is available both as a tablet and capsule form based on the immediate as well as extended release.All these oral forms would contain the same active ingredient only. A healthcare professional would choose the suitable dosage strength of tramadol and the oral form based on the severity of the pain, kind of medical ailment, and age.

We would mention here about some of the most often prescribed dosage strength of Tramadol. 50mg dose would be prescribed no matter it is extended release or immediate release. There are other options like 100mg and 300mg dosage strength for extended-release but 200mg is the one which is commonly instructed.

If a person takes this medication for a longer period of time then he or she would get addicted to Tramadol.

Tramadol as an intravenous form

Tramadol medication is injected through the veins so that it gets dissolved in the blood very quickly and starts to act on the pain to provide relief. A doctor would decide on which patient would be eligible to take Tramadol in an injectable form.

If you are instructed to take Tramadol in oral form then take in the same way till the end of the treatment and this is applicable for Tramadol IV too.