Is Modafinil’s Brain-Boosting advantage Hype or Science?

Modafinil’s Brain-Boosting advantage

Well, to someone who wants to know if Modafinil’s brain boosting advantage is hype or science, then reading this blog will be worthy. It is a wonderful medication that promotes wakefulness in patients who encounter excessive sleepiness that is associated to narcolepsy or sleep disorder. The drug does have the potency to boost the cognitive functioning of the brain. Continue reading this blog further so as to make out if the Modafinil’s brain boosting ability is hype or science.

These days, many people do not get enough sleep and they also have the need to work harder than before. Even coffee doesn’t seem to be enough at times to keep oneself awake. That is when the need for the drug comes. Given the wakefulness abilities of Provigil, this drug can help one in overcoming daytime sleepiness efficiently.

The pharmacology of the drug is established here in enabling the individual to think smart and act fast. This is a prescription med that is approved by the Food and Drugs Administration in order to treat narcolepsy.

Research on Modafinil

However, some researchers claim that the drug instead of boosting cognition, it actually slows people down. Though a few researchers were able to establish the ability of Modafinil in helping for better memory, attentiveness or other cognitive aspects, other researchers have found no such link.

Some researchers have also established that Provigil does not help people whose IQ is believed to be average or high. This drug was initially approved by FDA in the year 1998 for treating narcolepsy, many doctors have since then begun to prescribe the med for off-label purposes like for treating depression or multiple sclerosis.

Findings of the study

A study was then conducted to ascertain the cognitive abilities of Provigil. Around 64 young and healthy volunteers were taken for the research. Among the lot, half of them were given this pill while the other half were on placebo. All the participants had to undergo reading and sentence completion tests.

Though both of the groups responded equally well to the test, it was stated that the group that took Modafinil took a longer time to respond to the tests. This study indicates that the drug can actually slow a person down rather than making one smarter. Though it is essentially designed to promote wakefulness, the drug also has the ability to bring alertness in a person.

Some doctors add that the request for prescription for the pill has increased in huge numbers. It is important to clarify that this medication is to be used only for improving wakefulness in adult patients and it is not to be taken for any other purpose. Therefore one can understand that Modafinil’s brain boosting ability is absolutely a hype and not science.