Is provigil’s attention boosting capability a fact or a myth?

is provigil attention boosting capability a fact

In this cut throat competitive world, everyone wants to get ahead and gain the first place in the race of life. They are willing to go to any lengths for achieving the same, even rely on prescription medicine to improve their performance and their ability to focus. One such pill that has come to fame due its ability to improve attention is Provigil. Formulated with the active ingredient modafinil the actual purpose of this medicine is to promote wakefulness in people who are unable to get a sound sleep throughout the night. Such people usually buy modafinil to carry out their tasks without the cloud of sleep overpowering them; little did they know about the power of Provigil in boosting the attention to a great extent. Yes, it is a fact that modafinil helped to increase the attention levels in certain individuals.

Studies that back the effectiveness of the smart drug modafinil

They are some clinical studies that can be used to support the cognition improving capability of the pill. These studies show that modafinil has reduced the intensity of fatigue and helped to also develop some resistance towards it. Other users have also reported seeing improvement in their mood levels while on this pill. Some advanced studies conducted at the University of Oxford also proved the capabilities of this drug in improving the attention and focus. In particular, researchers found that the drug is able to improve the execution part of the brain. Another reason why this drug out-runs other cognitive enhancer is that it only had very minimal side effects. As a result, many students use this pill to perform better in their exams. But it must be used with caution because with young people they are higher chances of misuse.

All these wonderful benefits of this drug are due to the fact that it increases the levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain. Enhanced levels of these neurotransmitters in the brain will clear the disturbances in the brain and it is easy to focus on the task at hand. But studies also suggest that this drug didn’t improve these qualities consistently. It worked for some people while it failed to show the same effect on other people. But a small number of studies also showed that people who are labeled as intelligent found a slight decrease in their creative level.

Most people take 200 mg dose of this pill to get an optimum result. But like any other pharmaceutical pills, same dosage strength of this pill might give different results in different people. And moreover, same dosage strength might not be a viable recommendation for all. Hence for an individual specific dosage that is suitable for your body, check with a health care professional. Using this pill for long term produces addictive effects in the body, the discontinuation of which might cause withdrawal effects.

Is everyone eligible to use modafinil?

Taking all its positive results into consideration one might be tempted to buy this pill at the earliest. But it is important to know that this pill is not suitable for all individuals because some medical/physical conditions conflict with the administration of the drug.

People who have chest pain, heart problems or hypertension must refrain themselves from taking this drug. If one has a history of drug abuse in the past, using this pill might put them at a risk of addiction on Provigil. Pregnant women must also avoid pills like modafinil due to the fact that such pills might cause deformities in the developing fetus. The baby might also be at a risk of being physically dependent on the pill.