Klonopin vs Valium

Handling anxiety issues can give us a harrowing time and overcoming it may not be easy.  In many instances, a normal human being would attempt different alternatives to get rid of the problem and may not succeed in it. The probability of things working in your favour at such circumstances is a rarity. There are individuals who are deeply struck with anxiety that makes them tedious even to just go about doing the daily chores. A solution has to be worked at this juncture else it will make things worse where the life goes on a destructive mode for the concerned person struggling to come out of depression.

There exist two popular drugs for treating anxiety and these have proved their worth in helping the patient to find an escape path out of anxiety.  Klonopin and Valium are those two medications which have successfully helped people to come out of the agony of anxiety.  Both the drugs have their share of advantages, but this article concentrates on the value offered by these two medications.

Valium has a much extended life.  This indicates the drug need not be taken for a longer duration as one would do with Klonopin. This is one of the defining highlights in comparison between the two medications. There is bound to be prejudiced thoughts against Valium due to the reason that it might be costlier of the two. The following benefits are accrued by the human body based on the duration for which the drug exists in the body:

  • You are not forced to a situation of taking it very often to get long lasting relief for finding a way out of anxiety troubling you.
  • The daily activities performed by you will change for the better sans the fear of being frustrated with anxiety or slipping way secretly to take the drug.

The longer half life also means it carries certain side effects and some of this are quite worrying where the patient is afflicted with addiction of the drug due to the substances being retained in the body for an extended time span.

Klonopin varies from Valium in its working mechanism and the difference is only minor. The drug does not continue to stay in the body for an extended period like how Valium does. This proves to be a decisive difference and reason for the patients not falling slowly into the state of addiction while taking this drug. But tiny opportunities do exist. The drug itself was manufactured as an alternative to do away with addiction problems that surface on using Valium. Klonopin plays a key role in setting right the imbalances of the chemicals in the brain region that are clearly found to be the major reason in invoking the problem of anxiety. The unfavorable aspect of the pill is it possesses a reduced half life.  This also becomes the main cause for the medication to be taken frequently at well-defined intervals.

It is really tough to pronounce the verdict in favor of one medication and which might actually work for you.  Most of the patients find their ideal medication and dose by experimenting multiple times. There is a good chance that many would have known about Valium as a potent medication and it can endanger the person in terms of getting addicted. The physicians resist from offering Valium as a prescription in most of the circumstances unless you are down with a serious form of anxiety.  The other scenario would be you could have attempted other medications and they would have failed to bear the intended outcome.

When asked to choose between one of the either pills, Klonopin can be safely suggested on of account it being comparatively less addictive. But for cases, where the disease has assumed alarming proportions Valium is the best bet to rely on for treating. Ordering either of the pills is not an easy task, as your health condition needs to be critical enough for buying the medication.  Both the medications perform their functions as detailed, provided they are taken in accordance with the prescription.