Does low dose Phentermine is very effective to treat obesity for adults?

phentermine dosage

When you go for generic Phentermine, there are various dosage options for you. Some of them are 8mg, 15mg, 18.75mg, 30mg and 37.5mg. So, coming to the question, the lower dose of the medication might be effective in treating obesity in adults.

What should you do if 37.5mg is higher dose for you?

Not every person would find it good to take the general dose that is 37.5mg. Sometimes this would be very much high for them. So, here you can split and take the dose. Procure 37.5mg tablets and split before taking them. In this case you would only be taking 18.75mg.

If you still find this to be very high then you can go about choosing one between 8mg and 15mg. Always remember, the body type and the needs of it would vary from one person to another so it is not necessary that you should be fine with a dose that is effective to others.

Once you start the treatment, you can tell the doctor about the changes you feel. It is a must that your appetite would be suppressed but it should not be like you never get hungry. So, know the difference and notify your healthcare professional.

Can you select your appropriate dosage strength of Phentermine?

No, you are not supposed to select the dosage strength of Phentermine as you are not the right person to do it. Get help from your medico and select one. Only when you do this, it is possible for you to be safe while on the treatment.

Some adults who are obese have chosen the Phentermine dosage strength on their own and as a result few of them did not find the medication to be effective whereas others had serious effects on them.

What does the dosage of Phentermine mean?

Suppose, you have an 8mg tablet with you then it means that it contains active ingredient of 8mg amount. This is the similar case for other dosage strengths. The number they specify just refers the amount of Phentermine in the tablet.

When a medico instructs you to take a particular dose then it means that they find that level of medication in your body would be more than enough for you to lose weight.

Phentermine is the best medication and it would be effective only when you take it with your appropriate dosage strength. It can be low, moderate or high Phentermine dose and you have to pick the one only after the consultation. If you do this then it is possible for you to shed appropriate weight from your body and stay happily by preventing various health issues.