Losing weight is a struggle for majority of the people.  Though they have desire to lose excess weight they cannot achieve it. Due to excess weight, they also could not perform any small activities. This means that they could not do effective exercise as they are very heavy. You can leave small things from your habit and that would definitely help you achieve weight loss easily.

Some of them are:

  • Stop eating large quantities of junk foods. You have to understand that wrong foods are not the reason behind your inability to lose weight but eating too much of these kind of foods would be the reason.
  • Do not think about food all the time. Some people would naturally think about foods when they are happy or sad. When you think, it just takes a matter of second to make the thought true.

For some people, even if they eat a little, it would have a major impact on their weight. What is the solution for these kinds of people? The solution can be to take any weight loss medication. People have two options one is Meridia and other is Xenical. These drugs would help people who want to lose weight and for those who are desperate about it. Is one medication the best than the other drug? Let us have a quick look about it.


When meridia is taken by people, it has an impact on the natural chemicals that are present in the brain. This would help them to lose weight as well as to maintain it. To get more benefits from the drug it is very important to take this medication along with a proper healthy diet and a regular exercise.


When Xenical is taken, it blocks certain amount of fat in the food and prevents your body from absorbing it. You can take this medication to maintain the weight that has already been lost or can be used by people who struggle to shed excess weight from their body. The Xenical pills can be taken only if you are above 18 years of age.

Which is the best medication?

If you have already tried losing weight along with a proper diet and exercise but have failed then this might be the reason behind the imbalance of chemicals in the brain. These kinds of people can take meridia and this would help them. Those people who cannot control their urge towards food can take Xenical drug.

While on weight loss medication with Xenical, you can take up to certain amount of fat in your favorite food.

So, if we had to choose between these two effective medications then we would suggest Xenical.

This would help you to get rid of bad habit like eating too much of food without control. Even after stopping the medication people can control their cravings or temptations towards their food. This would automatically enable them to maintain their weight even without the help of a medication. You can also consult with a doctor if you have any questions and choose between meridia and Xenical.