What is Monodox Generic? And usage of this medicine in treating bacterial infection.

Monodox Generic treating bacterial infection

Monodox or Doxycycline is an antibiotics drug used for treating bacterial infections in the body. It is used to treat or prevent diseases like urinary infection, chlamydia, acne, and gonorrhea. Monodox readily decreases the growth of bacteria and activates the immune system by destroying the bacteria’s inside the body.

What are the Important Precautions to be considered before taking this medicine?


If you have any allergy symptoms while using this tablet it is advisable to see the doctor immediately. Exposure to direct sunlight: After taking Monodox the person may feel extremely sensitive to normal sunlight so it is better to avoid prolong exposure in the sunlight and the person can use sunscreens and must wear protective outdoor clothing.

What are the Side effects on age group under 12?

It has been reported that the kids under age of 8 are more exposed to the side effects like teeth discoloration into yellow or gray after the regular usage of Monodox. Kids under the age 10 who have the problem of stomach infection & diarrhea it is advisable to consult your doctor before using.

Can I take Monodox during or after Pregnancy?

Monodox is strictly not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers because the medicinal content in mother’s body can pass on to the infant and create a negative impact on the health of a newly born baby.

Before Surgery:

It is very important to tell the doctor about your treatment and the duration of the course of therapy before a surgery.

Mild Dysentery:

Mild diarrhea or dysentery is common while using any antibiotic including Monodox but in rare cases, if one can contact the doctor for suggestions.

What are the Dos & Don’ts while taking this medicine?

  • Always take this medicine with food to prevent stomach Irritation.
  • Drink plenty of water to prevent throat irritation
  • To experience, the best result takes this medicine completely during the time of treatment
  • Don’t take this tablet along with antacids that have magnesium, calcium, and aluminum.
  • Monodox is used for treating bacterial infection & not for viral infections.
  • Do not take overdosage.

What are the questions you must ask the doctor before taking Monodox?

  • These are the following questions you must ask a doctor if you are prescribed for Monodox
  • Can I take this medicine along with other tablets?
  • What are the foods that I should avoid while taking Monodox?
  • What will be the effect of this drug on my body?
  • How must the medicine be taken?
  • What is the dosage?
  • What are the precautions I can take to reduce the side effects?

How should I take this medicine?

This medicine must be taken one or two hours before a meal or in empty stomach as directed by your physician. Drink enough water about 2 to 3 glass, in case if you have stomach upset you can take this medicine after food. Avoid lying down or sleeping after taking this medicine for about 10 to 15 minutes, avoid dairy products like yogurt or milk during the course of treatment because the calcium content may reduce the effect of medicine in the body. If this antibiotic is taken in the form of liquid shake well before intake. Even if the symptoms subside, take this medicine for the complete duration as prescribed date by a doctor. Antibiotics are best when the medicine is taken in the exact time interval as advised by the doctor so that the level of medicine in the body is maintained & gives a good result.

If the medicine is prescribed for regular intake and if you miss any dosage make sure you take it immediately after when you remember.

In the case of overdosage visit the doctor immediately for medical attention to avoid dangerous consequences.