Pain – How to overcome it in the most effective way?

Pain reliver tramadol

Pain comes to you in a lot of ways. Whether it is in the form of injuries, accidents, arthritis, an old injury, you need to find the most effective way to get your pain under control. So before you ask advice from your friends it is always best to consult a doctor to find what the real problem is. There are a lot of ways to manage and treat pain. The idea is to find the best, convenient and the safest method for pain management. As pain is different for everyone its effect on them also differ. It is hard to implement the natural therapies for treating pain as time is a major factor in all our lives. So medications are considered the most ideal and convenient way for pain relief. While doing treatment for moderate to severe pain, what type of pain it is, acute or chronic, all these factors need to be considered. When the type of pain differs, the medications for it also differ. Some medications may work very well for moderate pain, others may work for chronic pain, and some might work well for them both.

What are the best and safest medications for pain relief?

There are a lot of medications out there for pain relief. So depending upon the health conditions of people usage and dosage also differs. On conducting an online survey the following drugs turned out to be the best medications that are most preferred by patients out there.


Tramadol (also marketed as Ultram) commonly used for the treatment of moderate to severe physical pain. Its other uses include treatment for fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, and depression. It takes its effect on your body by first targeting the central nervous system and secondly the brain. When consumed, tramadol takes about one hour to have an effect on the body. In the case of extremely severe pain, morphine is preferred over tramadol. In recent surveys, tramadol has obtained great customer satisfaction in treating back pain.


Soma is a drug mainly used to treat pain or discomfort that occurs in short-term basis from different types of muscular injuries. It is usually used alongside other treatments in the form of rest, physiotherapy and other medications to treat for spasms and sprains. It functions as a muscle relaxer and works by diffusing into in the central nervous system and hence reduces pain in the muscles and thereby calms down the central nervous system. Soma could also be useful for many other purposes but it is strictly advised to consult a doctor before taking soma pills for purposes other than pain relief as there is a chance that you are prone to its side effects.

Are there other pain relief methods other than medications?

Pain is emotional as well as physical. Even if you are affected physically you could also feel down emotionally. Apart from taking medications such as tramadol and soma, there are a lot of other pain management methods that you could try which can help both physically and emotionally. Some of the most effective methods are as mentioned below.

Physiotherapy includes different physical techniques such as electrotherapy and thermal treatment, therapeutic exercise, alone or in combination with other techniques to treat pain.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is another method for treating body pain. If used in combination with diabetic neuropathy it has proven to be most effective.

Acupuncture involves treatment for relieving pain by inserting tiny needles into your body. Acupuncture produces great energy balance in your body and thereby improving your overall body functions.

Apart from all these meditation, massage and manipulation, light therapy, heat and cold therapy and taking a break from your work by traveling may take the pain off your body physically and psychologically. And keep in mind as soon as you feel a slight discomfort or pain that has been there for a long time in your body, it is most advised to consult a doctor as a slight problem might appear a bigger problem in the future.