Phentermine and Smoking – What you need to know?


Smoking is a habit for most of the people these days. Some may be active whereas others would be passive smokers. Whatever category you fit in, it is definitely not good to smoke while on Phentermine treatment.

What would happen if you smoke on Phentermine treatment?

The Phentermine pills do not work the best if there is excessive presence of nicotine in the body. In general, smoking causes some health issues like increase in the blood pressure, heart related issues and lungs problems.

Apart from this, when excessive nicotine is there in the body then you would get some ill effects while on Phentermine medication. Some of the side effects are weakness, tremor, sleeplessness, retching and tremor. However you can counter Phentermine side effects by taking certain safety measures.

This would not only prevent you to lose weight but would make you to suffer from some medical ailments.

How to quit smoking while on Phentermine medication?

You can use nicotine patches which could be really helpful for you with weight loss. Apart from taking Phentermine, active smokers can take Nicotine patches too. A healthcare professional would instruct some patients to combine both weight loss treatment as well as the therapy which is meant to quit smoke.

These patches would be stuck on different parts of the body. These contain very less amount of nicotine in it which would not affect the effectiveness of Phentermine medication at all.

Apart from this, it would help a person to reduce the cravings towards smoking. There are two advantages in this. Firstly, your weight loss treatment would be successful without any issue and secondly, the chance of getting affected by ailments would be reduced.

Can you combine these two treatments on your own?

No, you are not supposed to self-treat at any point of time. You have to consult with a healthcare professional and they would do it for you. If you self-treat then you may take nicotine patches more than what it is required. This would increase the amount of nicotine in the body. This means that this act is equal to smoking.

Apart from this, a medical specialist would find ways in order to safely take Phentermine pills as well as quit smoking. You have to do it at the right method and there is no other go. The effectiveness of Phentermine pills is very much similar to the ones who do not use nicotine patches. There are possibilities that you would be able to lose weight at a very faster rate. You can get the fitness that you always wanted for. It is better to start the treatment to quit smoke before commencing the Phentermine tablet. This would be the best way for a person to combine the therapies.