Phentermine is labeled as a psychostimulant that works similar to that of amphetamine. By stimulating the mind to produce the feeling of satiety, it can suppress the appetite in such a way that the user benefits from the reduced intake of food and feels greater energy while promoting obesity. The stimulant nature of the weight loss medication calls for some amount of precaution when using it, particularly that of interactions with other drugs. It is a highly potent pill that requires careful use in order to successfully lose weight without experiencing any unwanted side effects.

The diet pill Phentermine has been in use for many decades now as one of the top weight loss medications available in the market. Hence, the probabilities of other drug interactions have been studied in detail. There are quite a number of major interactions to watch out for if you want to avoid experiencing severe adverse effects. More information on the kind of interactions that can occur with concomitant use of Phentermine is given below.

Phentermine drug interactions to watch out for

What is the right way to use Phentermine safely for weight loss?

The drug interactions with Phentermine are not an exhaustive list in itself. To avoid any potentially adverse interactions, it is important to inform all your doctors of existing health issues and any drugs currently being consumed. This includes vitamins, herbal formulations, over the counter pills and any prescription drugs as well. The weight loss medication can be safely taken by reducing the risk of experiencing adverse effects.

Taking Phentermine while pregnant or nursing a baby can be very harmful as losing weight at this time is not recommended. Also, the appetite suppressant should be taken as early in the day as possible in order to avoid the pill from interfering with sleep. Take the prescribed dose for the duration of the course, while incorporating healthy eating habits and including exercise into your daily routine in order to feel the benefits of the drug safely.