phentermine vs xenical

There are people in the world who have a very hard time in losing their weight. What if a weight loss medication is given to help them to reduce their weight in an easy manner?  There are some individuals who cannot control eating certain kind of foods though they try very hard to stop it. What if they are given with an option of losing weight without sacrificing their favorite foods? Is it possible? Yes, it is definitely possible through two weight loss medications and they are Phentermine as well as Xenical.

In this blog we are going to see how good these medications are and which drug can be used in a longer run.


Phentermine is an amphetamine which means that it is a stimulant. This medication is effective because it suppresses the appetite of an individual by affecting their central nervous system. So, if you are a person who cannot control your eating habits then you can take phentermine and this could help you to stop your cravings towards the food.

If you are expecting to lose weight at a much faster rate then you can take this medication along with a healthy diet and a regular exercise. People with diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol can also take phentermine to shed weight.


Xenical is different from phentermine medication. When you take food, Xenical would block certain amount of fat in the meal. It halts your body from absorbing these fats thus would help you in losing the weight.

Those who have tried lot of techniques for losing weight but have failed can take Xenical. This drug is only for the usage of adults. Xenical along with a calorie diet food can make you fit within few months.

Which medication should be taken to lose weight?

It is very difficult to judge which weight loss medication is the best as it would work only depending upon the situation of a person. If you are an individual whose weight is very high then you have to do something to lose it.

Initially, you have to quit certain foods or reduce the intake to a certain extent. If you can do this successfully then phentermine would be the right pick for you. It is possible for you to experience certain visible difference in the weight. After a while, you would be used to this good eating habit and you have to stick to it.

Though if some people suffer from excessive weight, it is not possible for them to quit certain foods they like. Xenical can be the right pick for you. Even while taking this medication, you can take your favorite food only to a small proportionate. You have to think that at least with this medication, you are able to eat it. So, never take it in larger proportions.

So, it is time to judge you. What kind of person are you? Can you control your temptations towards food? What are your expectations from weight loss medications? Try to get answer for all these. In the end, you would be able to pick a right medication for you.