Actos Generic

Generic Name: Pioglitazone

Brand Names: Actos

Strengths: Actos 30mg, 15mg

Where to buy Actos online?


Actos is an anti-diabetic medicine used for controlling blood sugar levels. The generic drug of Actos is Pioglitazone. It is generally recommended for people with type 2 diabetes. Actos enables the body to flush out the excess blood sugar. Pioglitazone is not the preferred medication for people with type 1 diabetes. People with heart failure or bladder cancer should never use Actos. One can Buy Actos Online and can start the medication to bring down the blood sugar levels.

How to take Actos?

  • Take Actos in exact measure. Never take it in excess or smaller amounts than the recommended dosage.
  • Actos should be taken only once in a day either with food or without food.
  • Dosage level should be increased only in 15mg increments. The maximum dosage level should not exceed 45mg. The determining factor of the exact dosage is based on your blood sugar level.
  • Inform your doctor well in advance, if in case you use any other anti-diabetic drug. Accordingly, the dosage levels should be tweaked.

Blood sugar levels should be checked periodically as glucose level gets affected at times of stress, intense exercise, or at instances when you over consume alcohol. So get in touch with your doctor and get your dose tweaked depending on the current blood sugar level.

Read the prescription label upon Buying Pioglitazone Online and stick on to the dosage pattern.

Precautions while taking Actos

If you are allergic to pioglitazone never take Actos. People who are diagnosed of diabetic ketoacidosis should never use this medicine, and such conditions should only be treated through Insulin. Also, don’t take this drug if you are diagnosed with heart failure or bladder cancer.

Using this drug might confront you with heart-related problems. On the other hand, if diabetes is not treated it will damage your heart and other organs. Before you buy Actos online, talk to your doctor and find out the impact of the drug in your body.

When the medicine is taken along with other anti-diabetic drugs such as insulin or sulfonylurea, it will result in low blood sugar levels.

Women who take Actos are vulnerable to bone fractures in hand, foot or upper arm. It’s very much unsure whether Actos will affect an unborn baby or not. Hence it is advised that pregnant women can opt for a consultation with the doctor before starting this medication. Women who didn’t have menstrual periods for a longer period time due to certain medical conditions will start getting periods upon taking Actos. Pioglitazone should not be given to anyone under 18 years of age and also to children.

Side effects of Actos

  • Get in touch with your doctor immediately, if you observe symptoms such as upper stomach pain, nausea, itching, appetite loss, dark urine or jaundice.
  • Some of the allergic reactions of Actos are trouble breathing and swelling of the face, tongue, lips, and throat.
  • Most frequently reported side effects are Headache, muscle pain and symptoms of cold such as sneezing, stuffy nose, sore throat, and sinus pain.

Drug Interactions of Actos

Never take Actos along with Insulin, as it increases the possibility of heart problems. Actos interact excessively with drugs like Gemfibrozil, Rifampin, Acetohexamide, Chlorpropamide, Glimepiride, Glipizide, and Tolbutamide. This interaction will affect the removal of pioglitazone from your body.


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