Generic Names: Amoxicillin

Brand Names: Amoxil, Moxatag, Trimox, Wymox

Strengths: Amoxicillin 500mg

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Amoxil is a brand that carries the drug amoxicillin, an antibiotic used to treat a variety of bacterial infections. This medicine is capable of treating the infections resulting from bacteria that cause pneumonia, urinary, throat, ear nose and skin infection, tonsillitis, gonorrhea, and bronchitis. In some cases, this pill is also used in conjunction with another antibiotic medication to cure stomach ulcers that are caused by H.pylori infection. This penicillin antibiotic kills the bacteria and prevents them from multiplying in number. However, it is important to note that this pill only treats infection caused by bacteria but does not work for infections caused by a virus. Some common viral infections include flu and colds.

How to take Amoxil

Amoxil medicine is dispensed in the form of tablets (dry or chewable), capsules and powder that is meant only for oral suspension. The dosage recommendation of this pill depends on the bacterial infection to be treated. It is best to consult a doctor to get the individual dosage recommendations for Amoxil. It is important to stick to the guidelines provided by your health care facilitator.

In general, this pill can be taken twice or three times a day with/without food. If consumed in liquid form it can be mixed with juices or baby food. The liquid suspension should be shacked thoroughly to distribute the medicine evenly. The liquid form can be stored in a refrigerator but should be disposed of if not used within 14 days from the preparation. The chewable tablet should be chewed completely before swallowing the medicine.

Just as with other antibiotics, this pill should also be taken for the whole prescribed duration without discontinuing it abruptly. If a discontinuation happens, there is a chance for the bacteria to develop a resistance towards the medication and at certain times the infection might even return.

Remember the following before taking Amoxil

  • This pill should not be taken if you have an allergy to any cephalosporins or penicillin antibiotics. Before taking this antibiotic, inform your doctor of all your allergic reactions.
  • Amoxil can be very effectively used for treating bacterial infections; however, repeated or prolonged usage might cause the bacteria to develop a resistance thereby reducing the efficacy of the treatment. Inform your doctor if you have previously taken amoxicillin for any other purpose.
  • If you have suffered from liver or kidney diseases, have asthma or a bleeding disorder duly inform your doctor so he can give you necessary precautions before prescribing this pill to you.
  • Amoxil might intervene with a birth control pill and cause unexpected pregnancy.
  • Refrain from taking this pill if you are pregnant or plan to conceive in future.
  • Consuming alcohol is not known to affect the medicine but limiting the consumption of intoxicants can aid your body in fighting with a disease in an efficient manner.
  • Get a frequent medical checkup while taking Amoxil, especially test to see if it is affecting your liver or your kidney.

Possible side effects arising from Amoxil

As with any other formulations, Amoxil also results in some possible side effects and their impact might be doubled if you deviate from the instructions stipulated by your doctor or consume too much alcohol. Common side effects of Amoxil include:

  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Headache
  • Vaginal itching or any discharge from vagina

Immediately call a doctor if you notice any allergic reaction such as hives, trouble breathing and swelling of your tongue, throat, lips, and face. If you notice bloody or watery diarrhea, do not take any anti-diarrhea medication without consulting your doctor first. Contact your doctor immediately if you notice fever or symptoms of flu, cough, and cold.


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