Ativan Generic (Lorazepam)

Generic Name: Lorazepam

Brand Names: Ativan

Strengths: Ativan 1mg, 2mg

Where to buy Ativan online?


Ativan is one of the powerful anti-anxiety pills of the benzodiazepine category indicated for treating anxiety and panic attacks in the shortest period of time. The medication impacts the neurotransmitter to control the onset of anxiety and panic symptoms. It can treat the mental health disorder condition experienced in any magnitude.

Do’s and Don’ts while being on Ativan:

Individuals with unbearable levels of anxiety and panic symptoms can start the course of therapy with Ativan at the immediate instance for experiencing instant relief. The anti-anxiety medication is available in 1mg and 2mg dosage strengths. At the initial stage, take the pill in increased dosing frequencies so as to experience effective relief. As days pass by, the dosing frequency can be reduced. Never opt to increase dosage strength without consulting the doctor. The sometimes abrupt increase can trigger a host of negative effects in the body and because of which the health might get deteriorated.

How to take your physician prescribed Ativan

Do not take Ativan more than what is prescribed. Do not use the medicine for more than four months. It might either induce addiction or the usefulness of the medicine would decrease. It comes as oral tablets or as a liquid. If you are using liquid Ativan, use the medicine measuring spoon and not your tablespoon for measurement. If consuming it as a tablet, do not break, crush, or dissolve the medicine in any liquid. Swallow it as a whole tablet with a lot of water.

Do not stop or start the medicine, without consulting a doctor. The doctor would usually advise you to reduce the dosage slowly before you discontinue the medicine. This would help you to overcome the withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms include tremor, muscle cramps, stomach pain, sweating, and vomiting. Changes in behavior and seizure will also be experienced.

How to avoid overdosing yourself with Ativan?

When you miss a dose, do not add it to your next dose. If your medicine stopped working, do not increase the dose and contact the doctor immediately. Overdose can be lethal too. If you suspect that you have overdosed, get the help of emergency medical attention, immediately. The common symptoms of overdose are confusion, fainting, drowsiness, muscle weakness and sometimes, coma.

Type of drugs to avoid while being on Ativan:

Do not use pain killers, alcohols, cold medicines or other medicines which would make you drowsy, medicine for HIV, TB, seizure, depression or other anxiety medicines. Ativan interacts with a lot of medicines, including herbal medicines and vitamins. If you are consuming any medicine, inform the doctor about it before you take Ativan.

List of Side effects of Ativan Generic:

Learn about the side effects, before you take Ativan. The doctor would have advised you to take Ativan because he would have felt that the medicine would do you more good than the side effects.

Serious side effects include:

  • Confusion, depression, thoughts of suicide, unusual thoughts, changes in behavior, aggressiveness, hostility, wanting to hurt oneself and hyperactivity
  • Fainting, feeling light-headed

Mild side effects:

  • Drowsy, tired and feeling weak
  • Blurred vision
  • Lack of balance
  • Insomnia
  • Appetite changes, weight change
  • Vomiting, nausea or constipation
  • Skin rashes
  • Reduced attention span
  • Muscle weakness

These mild side effects do not need medical attention. As the body gets used to the medicine, the side effects would wade off. However, if the intensity of the side effects increases or the symptoms does not wade off after many days, get medical advice. The effect of the medicine on elderly people and women is higher than the effect on men. Men are given a higher dosage than women and seniors.

The effect of the medicine on pregnant women and nursing mothers can affect the health of the mother and the child. The child might have breathing problems and would suffer from withdrawal symptoms. There are chances for the mother to have seizures during the childbirth, which might be fatal. Thus, if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant or nursing, mention it to the doctor. If you find out that you are pregnant during the medication, stop the medicine and contact a doctor. Follow all the instructions you find on the site when you consume Ativan. If it is a genuine online pharmacy, there won’t be any difference between the generic and the brand medicine, in terms of quality too.

Why should you obtain Ativan from online pharmacies?

Online pharmacies are the best sellers of Ativan generic in all dosages, they happen to be the right place for getting hold of Ativan in its authentic quality, as these are exclusive in nature. Before opting to initiate a product placement, assessing the dosage strength is highly essential. Never get lured to increased dosage strength and go ahead in choosing it. Sometimes, increased dosage strength might not suit all. At such one instance, one is advised to get in touch with the medical representative of the online pharmacy to get the queries clarified. Only trusted Ativan online pharmacy are into the business of selling the generic and brand formulation of the anti-anxiety pill. It is highly preferred for the short-term management of anxiety. It should not be used for more than four weeks. According to anxiety experts, the pill is also effective in obstructing the new memory formation process. All the more, it also reduces the feelings of agitation and hence it used as an effective premedication. The primary medical use of this anti-anxiety drug is to control the onset of anxious thoughts and feelings, which over the period of time results in anxiety disorder.

The medication is also identified by the name Lorazepam, which happens to be its generic name. These days there are an increasing number of people taking Ativan for treating seizures, to relax the muscles and to control agitated feelings. As an off-label use, the medication can also control seizures to a reasonable extent. The generic formulation of the pill is recommended for use in individuals who experience frequent panic attacks. Evers since its launch in the year 1977, the demand for the medication has been steadily increasing. Many prefer this medication since it is fast reacting in nature. However, for anxiety resulting from insomnia, it has very short duration of action. For amnesic effects, the medication is administered 90 to 120 minutes prior to the start of the medical procedure. It is also used as a first-line treatment for status epilepticus. Given its anticonvulsant properties, it is ideally recommended for treating status epilepticus.

Is prescription necessary for Ativan?

The prescription is very much essential for availing Ativan. The medication can be availed either in brand or generic formulation. Availing a prescription by consulting the doctor, an individual can get to identify the effectiveness of the pill in their body type. For medically fragile individuals, doctors might suggest some new prescription instructions which need to be followed at any cost. To know more on how to take Ativan, one can establish contact with the online pharmacy representatives. Obtaining this anti-anxiety medication without a prescription is strictly not recommended given the prescription category. So as to lessen the onset of negative effects in the body, it is highly essential to maintain a standard dosing frequency, and at any cost, it should not overdose. Those interested in taking the generic formulation can choose lorazepam too. Upon receiving the medication, one should refer the precautions associated with the anti-anxiety pill. This is to stay alerted about the do’s and don’ts of the pill. Most specifically, the medication should not be taken with alcohol and grape juice, as it might cause a counter reaction. Get the consent of the doctor before increasing/decreasing the dosage strength. Even at instances of dose increase, it should only be in small amounts.


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