Differin Generic

Generic Name: Adapalene topical

Brand Names: Differin

Strengths: Differin gel 15g, 30g, 60g

Where to buy Differin online?


The Differin is a topical medicine, which is a vitamin A form. It helps to renew the skin.Doctors advise people to Buy Differin Online for treating skin care problems and to treat acne in those who are more than 12 years of age. It decreases severe acne and prevents it from occurring in the future. People also order Differin online for other medical reasons.

How to use Differin?

The Differin is a topical cream which has to be applied to the affected skin, as prescribed. Do not apply it over the entire face. Do not apply the product on the areas of lips, eyes and other mucous membranes. It would take a few weeks for the medicine to start to act. However, if you do not find any changes even after 8 weeks of usage or cause skin irritation or severe acne, stop the medicine immediately and contact your doctor. Clear the skin with a mild cleanser. Do not use soap. Dry the skin with a soft towel and apply the medication as a thin layer. Do not apply any other skin products on it, unless the doctor said so. Do not use it longer than prescribed by the doctor.

Do not use the medicine on the lips, creases of the nose, eyes or other mucous areas. If the medicine contacts any of the above-said areas, wash it with water. Do not use the medicine on windburned, sunburned, capped, irritated, dry or broken areas of the skin. Do not use the medicine on the wounds or areas of eczema.

What to avoid?

Do not use any skin products which contain alpha hydroxy or glycolic acid. Do not use any skin product like harsh soap, shampoo, hard skin cleaners, hair coloring, hair removers, waxes or any chemicals on the area when you are using the medicine. Do not use any skin medicines which have spices, alcohol, lime or astringents while using the cream. Avoid exposure to sunlamps, tanning beds or expose your skin to the sun for a long time. The medicine makes your skin too sensitive and you might get sunburnt. Use sunscreen and protective clothing.

Differin and pregnancy

Before you purchase Differin online, inform the doctor whether you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. The cream should not be used during pregnancy. It would cause birth defect and other harmful reactions to the unborn child. Before you buy Differin, inform whether you are breastfeeding too. There is no adequate information about whether the medicine would pass into the breast milk, but inform the doctor before you use.


Use only a little amount of cream. Using a very large amount of the medicine for a long time can cause irritation, skin redness or scaling. Using it very frequently or in a large amount would not increase the effectiveness. Use it only once per day.

Side effects

The allergic reactions include hives, difficulty in breathing, swelling of the face or throat. There are chances for your skin to become red, dry or scaly during the first four weeks. If it is mild, do not panic. If the symptoms become very severe or persist even after the fourth week, get medical attention. Burning or stinging sensation on the skin is also possible.

Some of the mild side effects are mild burning, warmth sensation, tingling, stinging, redness, irritation or redness. If you experience any other bothering symptoms which are not mentioned in the above list, stop the medicine and get doctor’s advice on the same.

Any medicine that you take orally or as an injection would not cause an effect on this medicine. However, before you get Differin online, communicate with the doctor to know whether you can order Differin, while you consume other medicines.


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