Generic Names:

Brand Names: Lovex

Strengths: Lovex 50mg, Lovex 100mg

Where to buy Lovex online?


Lovex is a tablet that contains Sildenafil citrate, croscarmellose sodium, microcrystalline cellulose, polyvinilpirolidone, magnesium stearate, lactose, and talcum. This formulation comes in white-yellow or white-gray tablets used to have a wonderful sex life and guarantees pleasure with the partner. Men need not worry about the erectile problem with Lovex. Now, there to solve this problem once and for all! It’s time to shun away all those inhibitions! Have a great sex life along with professional success and schedule.

With day to day stress at the personal and professional level, sex life is the one that gets affected, the most. Couples after a hard day at work would just want to retire in bed with no inclination towards having any sort of sexual pleasure. Men too face the issue of erectile dysfunction, which they are unable to deal with. The answer to this problem is in buying Lovex online.

How does Lovex work after consumption?

The performance of this drug has been phenomenal and it has worked wonders in removing all setbacks in sexual life. This reliable medical treatment adds positive vigour leading to heightened sensual pleasure. Its ingredients activate erotic capabilities in a person and patients with worst erectile dysfunction problems can see a change in their penile abilities. The main parent component Sildenafil triggers the action to stimulate the sexual organ in men.

Where to buy Lovex online?

Given the demand and need of patients, Lovex can be purchased online from various medical retail stores. Many websites sell the product offering lucrative deals and freebies like a gel or share tips on having a healthy sexual life. Buy Lovex online is easier since the person does not have to go to a medical store and ask for it. This saves one from being in an embarrassing situation.

What is the recommended dosage for Lovex?

This drug is taken orally with the dosage being recommended is around 50mg to be taken exactly an hour before any sexual intercourse or activity. Once the body get acquainted with the formulation, the dosage can be increased, based on tolerance levels. It is advisable to have it only once in a day.
For elderly patients, its best to start with 25 mg in a day and based on the requirement can be increased by minimally. However, it is advisable to consult a sexologist before starting the use of Lovex, in order to get proper medical guidance. The medicine should not have any negative implication with a wrong dosage or overdose.

Best way to store Lovex

The Lovex tablets should be stored in a cold and dry cabinet or drawers. Care should be taken that the tablet is not exposed to direct light with the temperature not higher than 25° C.

What are the precautions that need to be taken while taking Lovex?

When starting the Lovex medication, it is best to consult your health care facilitator and talk about the medical record in-depth to keep away from unwanted situation and effects.

Here are some tips to be used before the medication:

  • Someone who is allergic to lactose should not take Lovex
  • The patients with resting hypotension should avoid this tablet
  • If suffering from retinitis pigmentosa
  • Those patients who have a history of being suffered from a myocardial infarction
  • In last 6 months, if you have had a stroke or life-threatening arrhythmia
  • Those with hepatic impairment
  • Patients with heredity degenerative disease

Side effects of Lovex vary from patient to patient. Some have complained about dizziness, abnormal vision to a slight headache. However, there have been no serious implications of having Lovex. The patient should observe the changes after having this medical formulation. In the case of any serious health issue, they should speak to a doctor right away.


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