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Restore Cream, an anti-aging moisturizer made up of natural ingredients that will tackle aging signs naturally. The combination of natural Ayurveda substances present in this cream will make your skin look wrinkle free and reduces the dark spots within a week. With this skin care cream, one can observe a drastic change in skin tone within 12 weeks time. It nourishes your skin, improves the radiance and ushers in a youthful looking skin. This moisturizer is the best fit for dry or sensitive skin which possesses the signs of premature aging. Restore cream works miraculously during the winter season when the skin is in abrupt need of moisture.

An aging skin increases the stress level associated with the skin. The defensive layer of the skin loses its potential making it less capable of protecting the skin membrane against humidity levels and other UV rays. Such series of UV attacks and other environmental stress causes inflammation in the skin which in turn bursts up to secrete harmful skin enzymes that affect elastin and collagen. And in fact, this damage is that which is visible in the form of wrinkles and fine lines.

Restore Cream protects the skin from harmful environmental aggressors through its active natural ingredients such as Antarctic Bioactives and powerful glycoproteins with a unique potential to protect the skin against any volatile environment, even at sub-zero temperatures. Restore Cream, when applied on skin, will eliminate dark spots and reduces the appearance of wrinkles in the face.


  • Protection against free radicals
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Doesn’t leave any oily residue in skin when applied
  • Rejuvenates and refreshes the skin the moment it is applied
  • Improves the skin tone and texture
  • Soothing effect

Key Ingredient

Desert Glycoprotein is the main ingredient present in the Restore Cream which protects the skin cells against environmental stress, heat and dryness. This cream will ensure a formation of protective shield against skin cells, which in turn will enable the skin, cells to be rebuilt thus increasing the hydration by 30%.

Product Quantity

Restore Cream is available in 1 jar, 2 jars, 3 jars, and 4 jars each measured in 2 fluid ounce.


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