Xenical (Orlistat )

Generic Name: Orlistat

Brand Names: Xenical, Alli

Strengths: Xenical 120mg

Where to buy Xenical online?


Xenical is a weight-loss medication mostly prescribed to treat morbid obesity. The chemical name of the medicine is Orlistat. The active ingredient is Orlistat. This can be bought over the counter as Alli. Each capsule would contain 120mg of Orlistat. By taking this medication, the enzymes would not be broken down and thus, would make the fat, indigestible and would be removed through bowel movement. The calories obtained from sugar and non-fat products are not blocked by it. The doctors recommend people who are very obese to buy Xenical online to help them reduce the risk of any medical condition related to obesity like heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure and many others.You should be able to find a considerable change in your weight within 2 weeks of using this medication. If your weight remains the same or increases, make sure you consult a doctor.

How to take Xenical?

Before you take this Weight loss medication, it is important to know how to use.

Take Xenical an hour after the meal. It is usually taken, three times a day. Make sure that not more than 30% of the calories come from the fat, else the effect of the side effects would be higher.

Taking multivitamins along with this medication can boost weight-loss. It is because, the medicine would interfere with the absorption of certain vitamins like A, D, E and K. Thus, it is important to consume multivitamin supplements, 2 hours before or after taking Xenical.

Side effects of Xenical

Side effects are common with this medicine. The severe side effects are,

  • intestinal gas with discharge,
  • oily spotting,
  • oily stool.

Allergic reaction to this medicine is very rare and the symptoms of allergic reactions are

  • severe dizziness,
  • troubled breathing,
  • swelling,
  • itching and rash.

If you experience allergic reactions or the severe side effects, stop the medicine and contact the doctor immediately.

Contact the doctor immediately if you experience symptoms like,

  • dark urine,
  • yellowing of the skin,
  • stomach ache,
  • vomiting,
  • painful urination,
  • bloody or pink urine.

Precaution to take while using Xenical

When you buy Xenical, you would be given precautions to be taken care. They are;

If you have digestive problems, bladder problem, hypothyroidism, kidney stones or other kidney related problem, or eating disorder, inform the doctor.

If you are about to have any major or minor surgery, inform the doctor about the medicine. If you are diabetic, make sure to check your blood sugar level frequently, while using this medicine.

The medicine should not be used during pregnancy. It might harm the unborn child. If you are pregnant or become pregnant during the course, inform the doctor.

There are no evidence to prove that the medicine would pass through the breast milk, but it is better to order Xenical, after consulting the doctor, if you are a nursing mother.

The drug interacts with blood thinners and it is better to provide the list of medicines that you consume to make sure that the medicine does not interact with any other drugs.

If you happen to miss a meal or consume a meal with zero fat, skip the dose

Overdose would not help you to reduce your weight easily. If overdosed, it is important to seek immediate medical help. Do not give Xenical for children, below the age of 18. Keep it away from light, moisture, pets, and children. Do not skip the exercise or diet, during the medication.


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